Friday, August 24, 2007

U is for Updo

Be it a swept up ponytail or a dramatic bouffant, an updo is the chicest way to show off you face, your outfit, your accessories-yourself! The classic pony reached peak popularity in the 1950's-an ode to Sandra Dee-as a means to accentuate foxtrottin' girl's bright hair ribbons and scarves that were tied sweetly at the neck. Later, the updo got wilder with the emergence of curlers and back-combing. While the ponytail exudes a youthful American charm, the more elaborate updo can bring an edgy rock and roll look to an otherwise prim lass, think Jane Birkin, (as pictured above) 80's Madonna, or most recently Miss Chloe Sevigny. Gracing red carpets throughout the decades and many an Oscar podium, an updo is a timeless way to reflect grace and beauty, so don't save it simply for your next workout.

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