Friday, November 28, 2008

Musette Gives Thanks

In this special post Thanksgiving post, Musette mentions a few people, places & things worth being thankful of.

1.) Lace Tights
Lovely up a look with lacy legs. For luxury pop into Chanel or Wolford, but if you fret over first day runs in your stockings, Fogal also offer a beautiful, more affordable selection. Above image, Emma Cook's pretty runway pins.

2.) Gwyneth's Grey Nails
Our fingers may be familiar with the dark side of navy and black but grey is new on our list of to do. Gwynnie may have made a few eyes roll with '' but here she does anything but. Thank-you Gwyneth, here you have well and truly nailed it.

5.) Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Magic Soaps

In these trying economic times it is imperative to turn to affordable and trusted names, such as the iconic Dr. Bronner. No need to stock up on a a number of unnecessary bathroom bottles when Dr. B offers an 18 in 1 alternative. Choose from a range of Magic Soap scents such as rose and eucalyptus and use it as body wash, massage oil, shampoo, aftershave and wool wash - may sound wacky, but well worth a try!

3.) James Franco

He is a humble heartthrob who can act, dress and make us laugh. We swooned over him as Daniel in the shamefully short lived series Freaks and Geeks, but it has been a thrill to watch him mature by way of James Dean, Gucci, and his upcoming roles as Allen Ginsberg and Sean Penn's love interest in the much anticipated Milk.

4.) Opening Ceremony, Howard Street, NY

Escape into the haven that is Opening Ceremony's store in New York. Step into the aroma of burning Comme des Garcons candles while perusing a multitude of racks packed with high fashion names such as Alexander Wang and Rodarte mixed in with a few Kate Moss for Top Shop gems and must have heritage brand Pendelton. Nab yourself a gold Casio watch for $95 dollars or one of Opening Ceremony's own items such as a snug cardigan or elegant trench.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musette Beats the Breakout Blues!

Although we know that true beauty comes from within, there is no denying that often times clear skin equals happiness. Musette makes it all better by recommending a few tried and true treatments designed so you can kiss those pesky blemishes good-bye for good.

1.) Cetaphil Cleanser, cheap as chips and approved by your dermatologist!
While Lancome's scented skincare is tempting and the packaging of Stella McCartney's Care line is very chic, it's with Cetaphil that you simply can't go wrong. Guaranteed by dermatologists to visibly reduce breakouts, this gentle formula isn't hiding any nasty chemicals and will leave a lot of money left in your back pocket.

When Life Gives you Pimples, Make Lemonade...Seriously.
Forget that their packed with Vitamin C and taste divine, lemons also work wonders on your skin. Squeeze a bit into a glass of water or tea for a helpful skin boost or see even faster results by applying lemon pulp directly to your problem areas. Leave for a couple of minutes before removing with warm water and voila! Super sweet skin.

3.) Hollywood's Secret Weapon isn't Proactiv, it's Sonya Dakar.
I know that LiLo and P-Diddy let you in on 'their little secret' but here's one that is better yet: Sonya Dakar's Drying Potion. This little bottle of magic is an ingenious concoction of peppermint and sage oils mixed in with a bunch of scientific stuff. One tiny dab before bed will lend new meaning to the words beauty sleep.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Smooth sailing ahead!
Skincare experts Dermologica offer a gentle, soothing exfoliant that is yet to be beat. This dry powder substance will lather when mixed with water and effectively smooth out imperfections. Powerful enough to be used only a few times a week, this fantastic face wash will give your skin a velvety feel you never dreamed possible.

5.) Hop on the Rooibos...
Like lemons, rooibos (or red) tea also has healing agents fit for problem skin. Break open a tea bag or buy the leaves loose to transform into a miraculous facial mask. Rub on a clean face, let sit until dry and wait for the radiant results. Note: Perform this procedure alone as it's not the most flattering home spa treatment.

Last Word, Promise!
When choosing a facial cream opt for a light, non-greasy formula such as Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin moisturizer or a calming face milk from the Dr. Hauschka range. To insure the lasting health of your skin, use clean makeup brushes to apply makeup and avoid processed foods and sugary drinks at all costs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Musette's How To: Love the Earth, Tip 5.

Share The Shea Butter: The L'Ooccitane Foundation

For you, L'Ooccitane's Shea Butter is a beautiful product that your body will thank-you for using - for the women of Burkina Faso, West Africa, it's a means to their independence. L'Ooccitane en Provence founder Olivier Baussan developed his cooperative after discovering that West African women were able to earn their own money by crushing and churning shea nuts into butter. Baussan's foundation started small but today consists of 11,000 participants who work to create literacy centers, free medical programs and child care in the region. Purchase L'Ooccitane's limited time fragrances consisting of 25% shea butter content not simply to smell divine but to show support for the women of Burkina Faso.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Musette Look(s) of the Week

Rose Byrne's Ravishing Week

At the premiere of Gus Van Sant's Milk

Rose Byrne's pretty presence was felt all throughout New York this week as she covered fashion's bases in a chic and effortless manner. Rose partied at the Bowery Hotel in celebration of Sean Penn's smash hit Milk, dressed immaculately in a double-breasted cropped pea coat and black jeans. This sweet star sure knew how to battle the icy New York conditions in style.

With Francisco Costa at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

On Monday, Rose B. served as the perfect arm candy for Calvin Klein's awarded womenswear designer Francisco Costa. Dressed in an ethereal shift, Byrne paired with Costa made for a fashion match made in CFDA heaven. Our love for Rose Byrne is reaffirmed by her knockout appearances during this blowout of a week.

x Musette

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Musette Set of Superlatives

su·per·la·tive:Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others.





Saturday, November 15, 2008

Musette Star Signs, 8.

August 23 - September 22

You are a so, so modern maven that is never ever wrong. Your composed and precise persona is admired by many because you're insightful, smart and steady. More likely to be seen sipping a martini in a peaceful bar than a beer at a downtown dive, you greatly appreciate a clean and contemporary aesthetic. A fondness for all things new has you looking consistently immaculate and often ethereal. Not one to be caught with even one hair out of place, your perfectionism is of a gentle sort and you offer a calm presence that others find constant comfort in.

Designer: Calvin Klein

Collect: Philippe Starck furniture

Never skimp on: Skincare

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musette Honours Album Covers

When it comes to party music it doesn't get any more perfect than Eagles of Death Metal. Dancing is most fun when done to Cherry Cola, I Only Want You or So Easy - EODM's songs are odes to the inner fox in all of us girls. In an attempt to thank Boots Electric and his gang, Musette pays homage to the band's super-super cool album covers.

Peace, Love, Death Metal, 2004

Death by Sexy, 2006

Heart On, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Musette's Star Signs, 7.

July 22 - August 23

You are a born leader with a take charge attitude that inspires instead of irritates. People come to you for your frank advice and creative outlook. You possess a magnetism that draws many to you, making your circle of friends full of all sorts of characters. If you had lived during Warhol's heyday you would have been right at home in his Factory. You have a passion for anything avant-garde whether it be fashion or art, and are continuously motivating others to push the boundaries. You love being the center of attention and are known for hogging the mic at karaoke and transforming any dance floor into a stage. This being said, you could never be accused of taking yourself to seriously and at the end of the day are one fun and faithful friend.

Designer: Balenciaga

Fashion Icon: Isabella Blow

Favourite Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Musette Spotlights: Lookalikes, 1.

Musette spotlights the faces so nice they gave them to us twice. Remember the beauty icons of yesterday through the girls that have serendipitously reinvented them today.

Bombshell Brigitte Bardot, circa 1960...

Lara Stone Fox, today...

Pretty Baby Brooke Shields, circa, 1980...

Hilary Rhoda Heat, today...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Musette's Look of the Week

Natalia Vodianova at Carlos Miele in Rio de Janeiro

In the eyes of Musette, Natalia Vodianova can do no wrong. Seen here in a photograph taken by The Sartorialist Scott Schuman, lovely Nat manages to make us love her a little more. Sitting pretty in a tiered fuchsia minidress with beach hair and a flawless face, Nat is even able to outshine the babes of Brazil. With a beauty that is vastly apparent both inside and out, we thank this rare Russian bird for her scores & scores of inspiration.

Go on and be pretty in pink this weekend,
Musette x

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Musette's Global Style File, 3rd Edition

Musette takes you around the world, spotlighting the countries that have style down pat. Native or not, never be afraid to show a little national pride for your favorite fashion destination.

"Japanese? Yes Please!"

Conquer cuteness as masterfully as the Japanese do in bright colours, fun patterns and fearless pairing. Pick items that would make waves even on the crowded streets of Tokyo, such as sparkly headbands, shiny bubble skirts and statement heels. Have fun with fashion, don't take yourself to seriously, and appreciate the genius that is Japanese style.

Winning Example: Model Tao Okamoto

Get The Look!

japan by MKennedy
Clockwise from left: clutch by Commes des Garcons, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t-shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs Crazy Bow headband, cardigan by Luella, leotard from Target, Miu Miu shoes, Ksubi skirt, tights from Urban Outfitters, Commes des Garcons for H&M shorts and sneakers.

"Sweet Like A Swede"
Embrace quality and femininity when looking to Sweden for style inspiration. In soft colours, worn in boots and the most classic of coats you too can channel a Swedish Sweetheart. Put your faith in ACNE and dye your hair blond to truly get in touch with this fine Nordic nation.

Winning Example: The Sartorialist in Stockholm

Get The Look!

sweden by MKennedy
Clockwise from left: Repetto flats, mohair cardigan by ACNE, dresses by ACNE and A.P.C., ribbed tights by See by Chloe, ACNE pom pom beret, trench coat by Opening Ceremony, Chloe 'Heloise' Chesnut bag, ankle booties from A.P.C., cashmere scarf by Donna Karan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Musette Says: Yes We Did!

Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States and today Musette celebrates with America and the rest of the world. At last, a leader we can look up to, trust and respect.

As for Michelle, we warmly welcome the chicest First Lady the White House has seen since Jackie O. She is an exciting addition to the political world.

Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.
x Musette

Monday, November 3, 2008

Musette's Star Signs, 6.

June 22 - July 21

You are as kind as they come and wise beyond your years. Never one to get caught up in trivial matters, you would rather stay in with a few close friends than line up outside of a club. Your home is your safe haven and has been transformed into a cozy sort of shangri-la, a space envied by everyone who steps inside. You possess a style that is effortless, functional and chic - a fantastic fusion of Amelie and Annie Hall. You have a knack for looking sharp and never appear one bit overdone. You leap at the chance to host a dinner party, never hesitate before offering a cup of a tea and find nothing more satisfying than taking care of the ones you love.

Designer: Karen Walker

Never Go Without: Candles

Can Never Have Enough: Winter Woollies

*Hat by Sonia Rykiel