Thursday, July 31, 2008

Musette Loves: Sam Riley

Be Still Our Collective Heart, Here Comes SR!
Best known for breaking out by way of last year's Joy Division biopic Control, Sam Riley is the brightest heartthrob to hit the scene as of late. Getting ready for the portrayal of Ian Curtis was no sweat for our rock god, who plays in a band when he isn't busy acting. Riley came from humble beginnings-think clothing factory in Leeds!-but has since made leaps and bounds, refusing for his star to go unnoticed.Find Riley in his next two films Franklyn and Nottingham, as well as looking dashing in the latest Burberry campaign. Sweet Sam currently lives in Berlin with, sigh... his girlfriend, actress Alexandra Maria Lara. However this couple is so red hot, how could you not approve?
x Musette Loves Sam Riley x

Monday, July 28, 2008

Musette Fills The Gap II

LISTEN:LIE DOWN IN THE LIGHTSit back and relax with Bonnie "Prince" Billy's latest, maybe greatest, musical effort. Lie Down in the Light is a happy-go-lucky departure from earlier, more mournful albums from BPB, featuring upbeat lyrics, a female vocalist, and even a cute clarinet. Skip to You Want That Picture to hear what could be the most beautiful song of the year.

Could Susie Bubble, creator of Style Bubble, be any cuter? Unlikely. This fervent fashionista's successful website is an ode to her love of style, and is filled to the rim with content that will satisfy any fashion fiend. Little Susie even models her favourite ensembles for fans, another reason why Style Bubble is such fun. Be sure to check it out at!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Musette Look of the Week

Jessica Stam at the 303 Gallery Opening, New York
She may have a bag named after her by none other than Marc Jacobs, but Jessica Stam proved she still knows how to keep it casual at the opening of 303 Gallery's new space. Looking perfectly cute in a mini trapeze dress and flats, this cutie-pie was all smiles, attracting the photographer as well as the crowd. At a party where lower Manhattan's artistic elite kept it harsh and serious, Stam maintained her understated yet girly style in a look that challenged the art for the spotlight. The lovely Jessica Stam reminds us not to overdo it this weekend.
x Musette

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Musette's How To: Love The Earth, Tip 1

The Soul of your Shoe: TOMS
Described as a 'one for one movement' TOMS has been looking out for disadvantaged children in South Africa and Argentina since 2006. TOMS super cute and comfortable canvas sand shoes come in a huge selection of colours and prints and can be worn just about anywhere. What's better than how cool they look on? The fact that with your purchase, a child in need will also be supplied with a pair of shoes. If there ever was a reason to buy up big, this is it. Visit to make steps towards a better world.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Musette Most Wanted, Deux

To Yves, With Love
A New Way To Clutch Your Belongings
Honour your love for Yves with a whimsical clutch. Leave home without hauling half your belongings by dropping your keys and lipstick into this one of a kind item. You will be out the door before you can say 'par avion!' Browse for more, more, more to covet.

Stuck In The Trenches

Nothing Beats a Beautiful Classic
Be the chicest broad on the block or simply shroud an unkempt outfit with the ultimate heritage item: the trench coat. For timeless luxury save your pennies for Burberry, or log on to for a young, fun array of options.

All That Glitters
Make Them Say Wow With Dior JoaillerieFrom ornate floral arrangements to otherworldly scenes, Dior Joaillerie is the finest way to make an eye-popping statement. Enjoy understatement with a cute 'oui' ring, or go for pure opulence with a bejeweled monkey. Visit for a complete list of designers and styles.

Andy's (Treasure) Chest

Let The Legend Fill Some Space
Escape into Andy Warhol's world with a larger than life book encapsulating his magnificent career and life. Featuring flawlessly reproduced images and captivating text, Giant Size is a must-have for all Warhol groupies. Caution: Bend knees while lifting, book weighs 15 pounds!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Musette Best Dressed...For Success

Musette features four hard working beauties who know that sometimes to get ahead you have to put your best (fashionable) foot forward.

Kathryn Neale Shaffer: Editor Extraordinaire
Kathryn Neale may have married into wealth but it didn't stop her from pursuing her passion for writing and fashion. With an enviable wardrobe dominated by sleek Calvin Klein items, Kathryn is currently at the top of her field as Vogue's freelance darling, and Teen Vogue's favourite stylist.

Alexa Chung: Presenting Perfection
There isn't much this Brit bombshell can't do. After receiving straight A's at University, Chung went on to excel at writing, acting and television presenting. It is no wonder she hates being labeled an It Girl having said it's 'a depressing title to hold.' Alexa has an undeniable knack for dressing herself which has found her in elite fashion ranks.

Genevieve Jones: Driven Designer
Just like her personal style, Genevieve Jone's self-titled jewelry line is bold and eye-catching. Easily mistaken as just another Manhattan party girl, Jones has put in time at Zac Posen, an interior design firm and at one time even tried her luck at singing. But it is Jones' eye for opulence that make jewelry designer her most successful career choice to date.

Sasha Pivovarova: Modeling Marvel
As an Art History student in Moscow, Sasha Pivovarova never dreamed she would become a supermodel. Today she is the long-running face of Prada, and walks the industry's most prestigious catwalks yet is still the shy yet focused girl she always was. While fellow models gossip backstage, Sasha can be found pencil in hand sketching her friends-her creative eye crossing over brilliantly to her own personal style.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Musette Says: Send In The Clowns

Let the joke be on you in looks that turn circus into savvy.
Opt for bright colours, fun prints and wild proportions to prove you aren't afraid to clown around! Above, the Miu Miu Spring 2008 collection is a total crowd pleaser.
Put on your (funny) face with vivid red lips and a wild up-do to match. Don't forget a great big smile is key for your rave reviews. Seen above, Derek Lam steals the spotlight.To regale and tease your onlookers you must be comfortably equipped. Become a baggy-beautiful showoff in parachute pants or a one-piece, like the one above courtesy of Preen.Complete your clown-like cool with a pair of white or colourful lace ups-they are an ideal choice when performing tricks and acrobats of all sorts. Above, canvas oxfords by F-Troupe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musette Honours Album Covers

London Calling, 1979
The cover art of The Clash's third studio album symblises a true 'rock and roll moment'. This sincere image captures Paul Simonon smashing his guitar in rockin' rage, and today is one of the most sought after album covers for die-hards everywhere. In usual Clash fashion, the songs of London Calling deal with unemployment, racial tension, and drug use-in fact producer Guy Stevens was an addict himself and took to throwing chairs around while the band was recording, which gave a chaotic sound to many of the tracks. The harshness of the cover is softened with large, bright, block letters giving it an upbeat appeal. The format of London Calling was an ironic parody of Elvis' debut album which featured the same use of typography and black and white photography. London Calling portrays the mood of the 70's like no other album art does by balancing the fun that was the music and the party scene with the general frustration concerning the state of the world. It seems our band really was all about The Clash.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Musette Look(s) of the Week


At a Couture party, Paris
It's not like you expect anything less than super, super cool from Lou Doillon, but recently she has been on a whirlwind style cyclone, giving all hipsters a run for their money. In Paris for the Couture shows, Lou kept it casual in a boxy jacket and tee, with her trademark disheveled locks. While others donned gowns with full faces of make-up, Doillon managed to shine the brightest, mastering unkempt and effortless as usual.

At the Whitney Art Party & Auction, New York

Who knew our English teacher's were referring to dresses when they told us to 'Keep It Short and Simple?! In Herve Leger, Lou poses perfect with fellow reveler Byrdie Bell. Dancing would have been no easy feat in these spray on numbers, but surely the two found a way. Lou takes a break from the boyish look she is so loved for, opting to show off her magnificent legs-we give her fashion snaps for mixing it up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Musette Beauty File

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL: NATALIA VODIANOVANatalia Vodianova is (cat)walking proof that sometimes fairy tales really do come true. Her story spans from Gorky, Russia to Paris, France; fruit stall employee to Vogue cover girl; moneyless to jet setting philanthropist.Natalia was a showstopper from an early age, swapping the fruit stall for a modeling agency as a teen. A Parisian scout convinced her to learn English and move to Paris, forcing our beautiful brainiac to master the language in a record three months. For her undeniable beauty and charm it wasn't long before supervodianova was booking shows, campaigns and magazine covers galore. Quickly joining the ranks of Kate Moss and Carolyn Murphy, Vodianova became one of the industry's top earners, and in true fairy tale fashion, Natalia met her Prince Charming, a handsome Brit named Justin Portman. The two have since married and had three children, and wee Nat is only 25, what a yummy mummy! Coming from a disadvantaged background led Vodianova to start the Naked Heart Foundation, a cause which provides Russian children with safe playgrounds. Of Naked Heart, Natalia says, 'I know I am probably not giving necessity to the children, but I am giving luxury.' A poised, beautiful, do-gooder, with an exceptional eye for style? We could have our generation's answer to Audrey Hepburn.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Musette Fills The Gap

Got some free time? Busy procrastinating? Musette offers up a few brilliant ways to fill the time.

READ: PURPLE MAGAZINEOliver Zahm is one cool dude, so when he founded Purple Magazine fifteen years ago it was bound to be a hit. This super-substantial biannual mag is jam packed with the clothes you want to wear, the art you want to buy and the people you want to befriend. Purple offers an edgy escape from Vogue, (where else are you going to find Vincent Gallo in a frock?) guaranteeing many hours of absorption.

LISTEN: SIBYLLE BAIERGerman beauty Sibylle Baier recorded a collection of songs under the title Colour Green in the early 1970's but it was not until 2006 that Sibylle's music was heard by those outside of her family. The songs that make up Colour Green are melancholic and beautiful, ideal for fans of Cat Power and Joni Mitchell, yet still in a class all of their own.


This aesthetic masterpiece dreamily brings Jean-Dominique Bauby's memoir to screen. Bauby, the former editor of Elle, suffered a colossal stroke at age 43, losing control of his body with the exception of his left eyelid and mind. Directed by artist Julian Schnabel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is one not to be missed for its remarkable language, setting, cast of characters, and ultimate tale of triumph.

Australian fashion line Ksubi are at it again, this time with a fabulous new website. Featuring a lo-fi layout imitative of Google and Trade Me, is an innovative shopping experience which offers a no frills break from your typically savvy fashion sites. Just like the label's trademark jeans, the Ksubi site is fun and foolproof.