Friday, July 18, 2008

Musette Best Dressed...For Success

Musette features four hard working beauties who know that sometimes to get ahead you have to put your best (fashionable) foot forward.

Kathryn Neale Shaffer: Editor Extraordinaire
Kathryn Neale may have married into wealth but it didn't stop her from pursuing her passion for writing and fashion. With an enviable wardrobe dominated by sleek Calvin Klein items, Kathryn is currently at the top of her field as Vogue's freelance darling, and Teen Vogue's favourite stylist.

Alexa Chung: Presenting Perfection
There isn't much this Brit bombshell can't do. After receiving straight A's at University, Chung went on to excel at writing, acting and television presenting. It is no wonder she hates being labeled an It Girl having said it's 'a depressing title to hold.' Alexa has an undeniable knack for dressing herself which has found her in elite fashion ranks.

Genevieve Jones: Driven Designer
Just like her personal style, Genevieve Jone's self-titled jewelry line is bold and eye-catching. Easily mistaken as just another Manhattan party girl, Jones has put in time at Zac Posen, an interior design firm and at one time even tried her luck at singing. But it is Jones' eye for opulence that make jewelry designer her most successful career choice to date.

Sasha Pivovarova: Modeling Marvel
As an Art History student in Moscow, Sasha Pivovarova never dreamed she would become a supermodel. Today she is the long-running face of Prada, and walks the industry's most prestigious catwalks yet is still the shy yet focused girl she always was. While fellow models gossip backstage, Sasha can be found pencil in hand sketching her friends-her creative eye crossing over brilliantly to her own personal style.