Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Musette Loves: A Travel Pro On The Go!

Adorable, artistic, and fashionable, Emma Tramposch is some sort of enviable jetsetter. Always cute and comfy while on the go-go, Emma's job as Project Coordinator for famed artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena takes her from NYC to Portugal in the blink of an eye. When she isn't organising sold out perfomances, Emma can be found rambling around San Francisco with her sweetheart Boyd, sipping coffee at some special local spots, and peacing out to the likes of Cocorosie and Wolf Parade.

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
For a relaxing five day getaway in the beautiful island of Nantucket, Emma brings along an array of bohemian summer blouses-perfect for the warm sun and sea air.
From left: Tops from the Gap, Peko 1988, vintage, and Nolita.

"Let's Get Lost"

In a super-cute le Sportsac, Emma unpacks necessities such as Pierre Hardy for the Gap gladiator sandals, a Marimekko jewelry purse, (holding favourites from Skylark boutique in New Zealand, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and South Africa) t-shirts and headbands from American Apparel and a skirt from Anthropologie. Oh and a pair of Chucks-of course!

"The Captain Has Turned Off The Seatbelt Sign"

Emma thanks the likes of Jurlique, Bumble and Bumble, MAC and Fresh for her clear skin and in place curls at the end of a long haul flight.

Musette inquires as to how this worker bee manages to keep it all together in the air and on land.
Sum up your personal style in three words.
Ecclectic I guess.
Who are your style icons?
My sister Molly. Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Punky Brewster.
In my opinion, people I know personally and don't have a stylist are the most original.With the exception of Punky of course, who I only know on a spiritual level.
You travel a lot for work, what is your ideal plane outfit?
My ideal outfit would be one of those zip-up polar-fleece suits. But since I wouldn't get through security with that on just some comfy pants and a top that involves a hood of some kind. I like to transform into a cocoon on long flights.
If they lost your bag in transit what would you be most lost to go without?
I worry about that possibility so I usually pack my favorite things in a carry on.
Darn those TSA guidelines! What wee items do you bundle into your transparent baggie?
Facesoap, moisturizer, toothpaste, small face-cloth, hand sanitizer, Origins moisturizing face mask.
I've caught you on holiday, what do you like to wear most on the cobblestone streets of Nantucket?
All things madras! Just jokes, at this time of year, anything light-weight and comfortable.
How about reading material-what do you like to curl up with on holiday?
On the plane I catch-up on magazine reading which I never seem to have a chance to do at home. Harper's and Cabinet are my favorites.
Cute carry-on. What usually is in that bag of tricks?
Laptop, reading materials, ipod, something warm to put on in case the person next to me is a fan of the overhead AC!
Adrien Brody just called and wants to hang out in the flight lounge! What are you going to wear?!
I'd probably ask him if I could just borrow some of his clothes from The Darjeeling Limited.
Any final tips for packing well?
Outfits! I plan outfits that I don't necessarily wear when I get there but at least it usually means I haven't forgotten anything.
I also try to pack a few days ahead so I can edit down. I love packing but get obsessed by it. I try to only bring things I feel good in.

x Musette x

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Musette is Listening & Liking

The idea of Scarlett Johansson making an album was initially disconcerting. She was in a Justin Timberlake video and a Disneyworld campaign after all. But once contributers such as DAVID BOWIE and NICK ZINNER, (from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's,) got on board, and TOM WAITS himself gave the thumbs up, this beauty's debut musical effort was looking pretty appealing. Anywhere I Lay My Head covers Scarlett's favourite Tom Waits songs, while featuring one track she wrote herself. Of Waits' diverse appeal, the budding songstress tells ID magazine, "I think he's an artist who has a very different song for every occasion." Scarlett's characteristically deep and husky voice comes across cool and fresh, and her slightly monotone range is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground's very own Nico. Musette bets this album will be appreciated by fans and skeptics alike, for it's unique approach and high quality result.

Falling Down from Anywhere I Lay My Head
x Musette

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Musette Movie Magic TAKE TWO!

Musette Takes Two by appreciating some of film's greatest female characters, and the outfits that made them.

Jeanne Moreau as Catherine in Jules et Jim 1962Irrational, manic and astoundingly beautiful, Jeanne Moreau's Catherine had both Jules and Jim wrapped around her little finger. In a love (triangle) story that spans decades, our leading lady takes center stage in perfectly French leisure wear, warm winter woollies, messy up-do's and heavily made-up eyes.

Dress like a woman who could control the mind of two men in timeless looks inspired by this French classic.

Clockwise from left:Lanvin flats, swing jacket by Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta jersey, 3.1 Phillip Lim striped sweater, Chanel No. 5 perfume, ribbed stockings by Missoni, Miu Miu pleated skirt, Prada platforms, Celine cropped trousers, Chanel liquid eyeliner.

Camilla Belle as Rose in The Ballad of Jack and Rose 2005Set on a contemporary commune, Camilla Belle's Rose epitomizes the perfect modern day hippie. This nymph-like beauty frolics through her vast landscape in light cotton dresses, embroidered tops and worn-in jeans.

Become a clean, green flower child in effortless looks brought to us by Rose.

Clockwise from left:Michael Stars turquoise necklace, embroidered top from the Gap, Rosebud Salve lip balm, Topshop gladiator sandals, See by Chloe peasant dress, Acne jeans, Top by Anna Sui, Marc by Marc Jacobs moccasins

Mia Sara as Sloane in Ferris Buller's Day Off 1986She was the coolest girl in school, why else would Ferris risk everything to get her out of class? Mia Sara's Sloane was the on-screen heroine of the 80's in fringed leather, slouchy boots and a bad-girl attitude to match.

Recapture all that was fabulous about Sloane in an 80's inspired outfit. Add accents of pale pink and a touch of hairspray to top it all off.

Clockwise from left: Prada Hobo bag, Fekkai hairspray, Rick Owens leather jacket, grey sweatshirt from Dorothy Perkins, Marc Jacobs boots, Sunglasses by Luella, Chanel nail polishes, 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, Chanel lipstick

Gwyneth Paltrow as Marge in The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999Set against an ideal backdrop of 1950's Italy, The Talented Mr. Ripley mastered glamorous vintage style, particularly with Paltrow as the gorgeous Marge Sherwood. Marge's all-American summer style features looks that are just as relevant today.

Cinch your waist, tie a scarf in your hair, and honour everything you love about Dickie Greenleaf's one true love.

Clockwise from left: OPI nail polish, Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater dress, Banana Republic bikini, scarf by Diane von Furstenberg, Burberry shirt, Mary Jane flats, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel skirt, Mulberry Bayswater bag, hair clips by Dorothy Perkins, wedges by Prada

Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte in Lost in Translation 200
3Scarlett Johansson's Charlotte made being an angst-ridden newlywed look pretty good. In a wardrobe provided mainly by Sophia Coppolla's pal Marc Jacobs, Charlotte explores Tokyo by getting back to the very best of basics.

Keep it simple in items that are classic, comfortable and travel-ready.

Clockwise from left: Marc by Marc Jacobs wool jacket, Acne jeans, fine knit cardigan by Miu Miu, Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella, trousers by Calvin Klein, Marni flats, Thomas Maier cashmere sweater, Scarf by McQ, Converse sneakers

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musette Likes: Mick's Girls

Musette takes a chronological peak at some of the women that couldn't help but become part of Mick Jagger's world.

Marianne Loves MickSinger Marianne Faithfull was discovered at a Rolling Stones party and, well, the rest is rock and roll history. Mick and Marianne's five year love affair was tattered by drug addiction, a miscarriage, and generally bad behavior. This notorious couple wasn't all trouble though-Marianne is said to have inspired the chorus of Wild Horses and parts of Sympathy for the Devil. Also, Marianne was later able to get over Mick, clean up her act, and eventually continue singing.

Bianca Loves Mick
One year following his break up with Faithfull, Jagger married a beautiful actress and model with a progressive eye for fashion named Bianca. The marriage, (which was held in St. Tropez,) lasted ten years and resulted in the birth of Jade, their only child together. The fame Bianca gained from her marriage brought her friends in high places, (ie. Andy Warhol,) a private plane, and a permanent spot on the dance floor at Studio 54. Today Bianca is a human rights activist, and her daughter Jade is as much of an it-girl as she was.

Carolina Loves Mick
He might have been married to Bianca in the mid 70's but the Rolling Stones were also the world's biggest rock group. Constant touring meant exotic locations and equally exotic women. Say like a getaway in Mustique with a young Carolina Herrera. Herrera was not yet a fashion designer but had already been dubbed one of the world's best dressed women. It seems as though Mick just can't resist a woman in a cool outfit.

Jerry Loves Mick
Model Jerry Hall and Mick fell so in love they left their respective partners, (Bianca and Bryan Ferry) to partake in the longest relationship our rock god has had to date. Hall and Jagger had four children together, finally marrying almost a decade after they met. In '99 the two called it quits, and today Jerry searches for boytoys on an MTV reality show while living off her hefty divorce settlement.

And finally...

L'Wren Loves Mick
Ex-model turned fashion maven L'Wren Scott, towers over Mick Jagger at 6 feet 4 inches. The two are constant companions and according to Mick, the striking L'Wren is his life's "main point of interest." Scott was the leading stylist to the stars in New York when she and Mick met up, and she proceeded to deck the lead singer out in Nikes, floor length jackets and tight jeans. Maybe it's because he isn't getting any younger, but Mick and L'Wren seem a devoted couple-apparently he has never been healthier, and she is now a fashion designer, racking up the rave reviews.

So, we are guessing Mick was partially bluffing when he sang, 'I can't get no satisfaction...'

You Look Wonderful Tonight

The red carpet. Thoughts of flashbulbs, fashion and fabulousness spring to mind. Musette takes a look at women who have beautified the red carpet due to their dresses and their demeanor.

Jessica Stam in vintage Dior Couture
2007 Costume Institute Party of the Year
It is commonly at parties like the Costume Institute Gala that models come along with the designer that has dressed them. However last year Jessica Stam was far more than a designer's doll- she was a vision of independence and chicness, having arrived alone and chosen her own dress. Wearing a backless and beaded gown, Stam stuck out of the crowd due to her unique fashion choice and effortless on-camera cool.

Michelle Williams in Vera Wang
2006 Academy Awards
She was up for an Oscar and in love with her co-star. It was at the 2006 Academy Awards that Michelle Williams asserted her new found power in Hollywood. In a breathtaking ruffled Vera Wang gown, Williams' red lips, perfect hair and devoted boyfriend were proof that Dawson's Creek was only a distant memory.

Kate Moss in Topshop
2007 Swarovski Fashion RocksIt seems as though only Kate Moss could transition from 'cokehead' to fashion powerhouse in the course of year. After bouncing back from scandal with a lucrative deal from Topshop, Moss has appeared in look after look that makes the affordable line look like couture. It was at last year's Fashion Rocks party that Moss' star shined the brightest, in a short swarovski crystal fringed dress. The flapper dress went perfectly with a new 'do, transforming Kate into a modern Brigitte Bardot.

Kirsten Dunst in Rochas
2006 Cannes Film Festival
With a plaited mane still red from Spiderman, Kirsten Dunst soaked up the limelight at the premiere of Marie Antoinette in Cannes. Wearing an elegant long sleeved dress which accentuated her long, lean figure, onlookers knew why this self-assured beauty had been asked to portray such an important woman in history.

*Important Note: It is not only the rich and famous that have the ability to carry off unforgettable elegance. Next time you get dolled up, (whether it be in a second-hand find or your favourite frock,) strike a pose, work the crowd and soak up the limelight like the leading lady you really are.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Musette Honours ALBUM COVERS

Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (1969)
It was the photograph that made Jane Birkin the cult superstar she remains today. Birkin was a hot fixture on the 60's social scene in London and emerging actress when she met Serge Gainsbourg on the set of their film Slogan. What followed was a widely documented relationship between the two icons, including music, fame and love...a whole lot of love. Explicit sexual content in their joint musical effort Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg made the album outlawed, leading to inevitable popularity and huge success. The album cover made Jane's one of the most desirable faces of the 60's. Today when you think of her, the image of that long haired girl with the piercing eyes and short skirts is what comes to mind-proof of Birkin's lasting effect on beauty, pop-culture and fashion. Hermes bag anyone?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Musette Set of Superlatives

su·per·la·tive:Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others.

The super-sexy, fashion-forward editor of French Vogue knows how to utilise her striking looks and killer bod by consistently appearing in the coolest of get-ups. Presumed Christopher Kane was best suited to youngin’s? Watch this femme fatale continuously rock a Kane frock like she was the designer’s own personal muse.

MOST LIKELY TO BE THE CUTEST COUPLE AT THE PARTYAnd you thought it couldn’t get any steamier than Claire Danes on screen romance with Jared Leto in My So Called Life! After meeting on the set of their film Evening (2007’s irresistible answer to The Notebook) Danes and Dancy rival all other hot Hollywood couples. Danes has never looked better-donning Prada, bare legs and golden locks on the red carpet, while Dancy is the cutest new English muffin on the scene, poised to take centre stage following the downfall of Jude Law.

MOST LIKELY TO WEAR A HEADPIECEWohl attempts to stand out of her prim and proper New York City socialite set by adorning herself daily with headpieces of all sorts. Commonly teamed with avant-garde designer garb, Wohl’s headpieces are as frequent a sighting as Tinsley Mortimer’s pinned back ringlets.

Oh the dreaded crossover. Tyra, no need to release your own album; Lauren Conrad we prefer you as a reality star than as a fashion designer. This being said, every once in a while a 'slashie' can find success. Gemma Ward, supermodel supreme, will co-star in this year's Black Balloon with Toni Collette, and is already receiving rave reviews. Anyone who has seen this blond bombshell interviewed knows she is naturally poised in front of the camera-and her high school drama teachers will vouch for her acting talent. OK Gem, let's see you steal the big screen as well as the runway!

MOST LIKELY TO BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Maybe it is his love of her legendary father, Serge, or her penchant for Balenciaga, but these two cannot seem to get enough of one another. Whether they are dominating the red carpet with their double dose of cool, or she is planning on posing for the designer's next campaign, Gainsbourg and Ghesquiere are a buddy match made in heaven.