Sunday, September 2, 2007

ABC's: Musette Style! A is for Annie Hall

Nothing provides fashion inspiration like a classic film star, especially in the form of Diane Keaton circa 1970's New York City. Keaton, who will forever be remembered as the lovable, neurotic flirt, Annie Hall in Woody Allen's 1977 comedy, was a vision in vests, chinos and quirky hats. But it is not simply this character's daring and androgynous fashion statements that we can strive to recreate, but also her romantic outlook to life and outrageous sense of humour.

B is for Bob Dylan

The answer my friend is no longer blowing in the wind, but in the timeless cool of Bob Dylan. This enigmatic musician's fashion time line has put Ray-Ban wayfarers, bulky scarves, messy hair and skinny trousers on the map. From Dylan's cropped blazers and ankle boots of the 60's, to his cravats and wide rimmed hats of today, this hipster has secured his reigning title as King of Cool.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

C is for Chanel No. 5

Designer fragrances have fleeting lives: one summer a scent is a must-have, the next it is too strong, too sweet, too tacky. However one perfume has remained at No. 1 despite it's title of No. 5. Always glamorous, always alluring Chanel No. 5 has been a staple on many a woman's vanity chest for over eight decades. The dominance of jasmine in Coco Chanel's first perfume allowed the designer to achieve her aim of No. 5 being the most expensive fragrance on the market. Chanel enjoys a very high status, boasting the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman as proud spokeswomen over the years. Ms. Chanel has spritzed a multitude of women in a timeless luxury and eternal glamour. Perfume caps off to that!