Friday, February 27, 2009

Hair's The Thing...

Long like Rapunzel or short as a pixie, you can tell a lot from a person by the way they wear their hair. Sleek, wild, cropped or curly - Musette just happens to love it all. Here are some super inspiring snapshots to get you into the styling mood quick-snap.

Meryl's Mane
Check out Ms. Streep, circa 1979. Her hair was big, blonde and just a little unruly - based on her beauty here, who could have guessed she would just keep getting better?

She's On Fire

The fashion meanies have called her every unkind name in the book but we can spot the green-eyed monster a mile away. Karen Elson's red locks are as vivid as they come and Musette gives her snaps for not being shy to stray far from the crowd.

Beautiful Bouffant
The lovely Maria Christina's trademark teased 'do has the ability to stop traffic, ignite envy among the fashion set and inspire Oscar de la Renta. A big thank-you goes to this rare beauty for knowing how to stick to such a standout look.
*Photo courtesy of Jak and Jil

Ocean Spray

Nobody else has nailed beach hair quite the way Erin Wasson has. This model/muse/designer seems not to own a comb and is never one to rush out for a root dye. In the curious case of Wasson, au natural is no doubt the way to go.

Cat's On the Fringe

Eye skimming bangs are everywhere right now, due in part to Chan Marshall. This muso-extraordinaire has a fuss free head of hair that comes complete with what could possibly be the world's most perfect fringe. Let's sing to that.

Lauren's Long Bob

Oh Lauren Davis, if only all socialites were as unspeakably chic as you are. Here, photographer Garance Dore perfectly captures the shoulder-grazing, 'it' cut of the moment, (Blonde colour: optional.)

Cutie-Pie Crop

Mia Farrow's delicate features and little face are prime for a super short cut and we praise her for pulling it off. Other starlet's who know how to rock the crop include Natalie Portman and Selma Blair.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Me Tender, Love Me True

With Valentines Day safely behind us, now is the perfect time to hunt for hot undergarments without running into cliche.

Silk sweetheart.
Miu Miu bra top.

Smell good, feel good.
Agent Provocateur's trademark scent.

Slip into something more comfortable.

Stella McCartney 'Grace Walking' chemise.

In love, everyday.

Stella McCartney's silk and cotton Days of the Week underwear.

X Musette X

*Photographs courtesy of Le Love

Monday, February 23, 2009

Musette's NY Fashion Week Favourites

After a deliberate and detailed search, Musette narrows down the very best New York Fashion Week had to offer.


3.1. Philip Lim

The flapper takes a modern turn.

The colour is perfect for Spring, the collar on the ruffled shirt is adorable and never have leisure pants looked so chic.

Boy by Band of Outsiders
The trouser is what stole our heart this season and here lies Exhibit A.

Cropped khakis? Yes please. A trench? Always.

Doo Ri

Oh so very pretty in purple.

Hello again, High-Waist.

Proenza Schouler

Off the shoulder, off the rack.

Another pair of suitable sweats.


The Mulleavy gals make us say WOW yet again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Musette Loves: New York Fashion Week

New York has sparkled at a higher intensity this past week. The Fall 2009 collections have triggered a million flashbulbs, thousands of smiles - along with a few frowns - and a multitude of unforgettable looks that have made the chilly temps seem that much more bearable.

1, 2, 3, 4...Here's what Musette LOVES about Fashion Week

Fur has been out in full force as a means to rug up models, editors and guests in the most glamorous and timeless fashion. Leather has played it's part too, being spotted in the form of leggings, shorts, jackets and boots - foreshadowing the abundance we spied on the Fall runways. The cold has not gotten in the way of many an overexposed foot as we counted tons of strappy platforms and stilettos sans stockings or socks, along with open toe boots, pumps and flats. The cold weather has forced under dressed it-girls to walk at a faster pace and Kirsten Dunst to exclaim 'God it's freeeezing!' outside of the Rodarte show as she swanned around in a skimpy trench - my oh my did she look sensational though.

A decidedly chipper Anna Wintour has given us butterflies every day and we wanted to extend our arm to her as she tripped her way down the steps at Oscar de la Renta. Carine Roitfeld has not let the start-time of the shows determine her arrival-time, creating a scurry and a panic among the PR girls at Donna Karan when the door was accidentally pulled down in her face. Speaking of being late, both Grace Coddington and Meredith Melling Burke sprinted their way into the uber-punctual Marc by Marc show, while TeenVogue's Amy Astley sported a consistent smile that did not indicate a magazine in peril. Cory Kennedy hammed it up outside Karen Walker; Olivia Palermo blew the paparazzi kisses; Milla Jovovich proves to be eternally youthful; Rachel 'I Die, I Die!' Zoe's weight continues to plummet; the rustle of Andre Leon Talley's red-lined robe gave us chills of the good kind. Also, the dashing boys at Proenza Schouler outfitted Lauren Davis to the nines making her the best dressed Social of the week by far.


The rise and rise of street style has been more evident than ever this week and photographers have had the cream of the crop to shoot. Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist has demanded many a 'fast photo'; the flawless Garance Dore's light filled photographs have left us weak at the knees; Maya from Turned Out has perfectly captured every Bright Young Thing from Susie Bubble to model Katherine McNeil; Tommy from Jak and Jil has forged through the cold to get some priceless snaps; model turned street-style blogger Hanneli is so charming that people are dying to pose at her request.

Stay tuned for Musette's favourite Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear looks featuring: BOY BY BAND OF OUTSIDERS!!! 3.1 PHILIP LIM!!! DOO RI!!! RODARTE!!!, and more!!!

x Musette

Friday, February 13, 2009

Musette's Movie Magic: The Misfits

Neurotic, erratic, troubled or lost, Musette's Misfits possess an instability that makes them only more beautiful. Take the good clothing choices, leave the emotional baggage behind and embody your most beloved basket-cases.

Natalie Portman as Jack's ex-girlfriend in The Darjeeling Limited 2007
She sure knew how to shake things up at Hotel Chevalier, including the heart and mind of Jason Schwartzman's Jack. Who can blame him either - one look at Natalie in that wool coat and black boots sent us into a tail spin as well.
darjeeling - by MKennedy on
Clockwise from left: Miu Miu trench coat, slim fit pants by Stella McCartney, silk ruffle top by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chloe blouse, Halston peep-toe ankle boots, 'Sandy Stripping' undies by Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein bra.

Ally Sheedy as Alison in The Breakfast Club 1985
She's as quiet as a mouse and about as tormented as they come but we love Alison all the same. Sheedy suited a parka and lots of layers so well that we couldn't help but begrudge Molly Ringwald for making over our innocent outcast.
bclub - by MKennedy on
Clockwise from left: Parka jacket from Dorothy Perkins, Vanessa Bruno batwing sweater dress, Kain silk blend t-shirt, crochet scarf from Dorothy Perkins, Hex skinny leg jean by Acne, vintage canvas satchel, Maria la Rosa socks, Chuck Taylors slip-ons.

Scarlett Johansson as Nola Rice in Matchpoint 2005
She was a man eater of the most dangerous variety and in the end dear Nola pays the ultimate price. Maybe it was that rain-soaked shirt she seduced Chris in or her sexy cocktail dresses, but something about Ms. Rice's twisted love triangle and complicated life is really, very appealing.
scarj0 - by MKennedy on
Clockwise from left: Both jeans - 7 for all Mankind, J Crew shirt, Meghan blazer by Calvin Klein, Jersey wrap dress from Topshop, Herve Leger bandage tank dress, Christian Louboutin wedges, Mulberry Mabel bag.

Winona Ryder as Veronica in Heathers 1988
Who wouldn't choose Christian Slater over a place in the high school in-crowd? J.D. goes ga-ga over Veronica's bad girl ways while her preppy ensembles leave us to do nothing but wish that we too had a group of rivals all by the name of Heather.
heathers - by MKennedy on
Clockwise from left: J Crew cable knit turtleneck, Miu Miu navy stretch jacket, t-shirt by La Garconne, ruffle socks from Gap, See by Chloe cotton skirt, suede and leather brogues from New Look, full cotton miniskirt from Topshop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Musette's Horse Heaven

It could have been Black Beauty, My Little Pony or weekly riding lessons that ignited your love affair with horses - a girl's obsession with them is as inevitable as first crushes and homemade lemonade stands. Musette gives a nod to the magnificent animals that will never, ever escape our fantasies.

An A.P.C. campaign starring Stella Tennant

Bianca Jagger hitches a horse to Studio 54

Zippora Seven rides bareback for Russh Australia

Natalia Vodianova goes (red) head to head in a Steven Meisel shoot for American Vogue

The dreamiest of Tim Walker photographs - Horse in the House

Italian Vogue picks the perfect cover shot

A Steve Klein photograph for W

* Top image by Tim Walker

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Musette Loves: Penelope Cruz

That accent, that hair, that body...Swoon! Musette adores everything about Penelope Cruz. Take your hat off to Penelope by remembering some of her most dazzling performances.

As Sylvia in Jamon, Jamon 1992

Our beauty took on her first film role in the acclaimed Spanish language film Jamon, Jamon. Penelope costarred with Javier Bardem and got one perfectly pedicured foot in the door of the film industry.

As Sofia in Abres los Ojos 1997
Abres los Ojos was such a success that it was remade four years later in Hollywood as Vanilla Sky. Pen returned to Sofia but this time her lines were in English and the lead man was Tom Cruise.

As Mirtha Yung in Blow 2001
Wasn't it hard to hate her as a coke-crazed Columbian? Penelope broke Johnny Depp's heart while rocking amazing 70's style get-ups - fully proving she could make a bad girl look really great.

As Pagan Lace in Masked and Anonymous 2003
Ms. Cruz turned to her tomboy side for this cult favourite. Bob Dylan and Curb Your Enthusiasm's very own Larry Charles wrote Masked and Anonymous and Penelope was given the opportunity to share the screen with Booby D. himself.

As Raimunda in Volver 2006
Our star returned to her birthplace of Spain to play the utterly ravishing Raimunda. In this whimsical and mysterious film, Penelope's knockout performance left us all believing in ghosts.

As Conseula Castilla in Elegy 2008
She was nothing short of charming as Ben Kingsley's lovestruck Art History student in Elegy. For a film that spans a few hard years, Penelope sure knows how to keep her chicness sharp.

As Maria Elena in Vicky Christina Barcelona 2008
It was a double whammy role for PC, working with Woody Allen and being reunited with Javier Bardem. Maria Elena is wild, crazy and drop dead gorgeous. Two thumbs up go to this tortured soul's badass wardrobe as well.