Monday, February 2, 2009

Musette Moons Over Marisa Tomei

Whether you watched her play Mickey Rourke's stripper friend in The Wrestler or the two-timing Gina Hanson in last year's Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, you will be familiar with the fact that Marisa Tomei has a flawless figure. Toned, tan, and not one bit fake, this actress has no qualms about taking it all off for a good role. That being said, what Ms. Tomei deserves the most praise for is her refreshingly sophisticated sense of style. For her most recent public appearances this sexy star chose items that were modest, unique and unexpected. While opting for a lace blouse and long skirt that worked beautifully for The Globes, Marisa favoured witchcraft sans broom in the full black dress she wore to an inaugural ball. For films she has kept it no secret that her body is out of this world, but the best thing about Marisa Tomei is that come party time she lets fashion take center stage.

At the Creative Coalition's Inaugural Ball

At the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards