Monday, June 30, 2008

Musette Brings You The Socialite

"...You will be disguised during your fifteen years as what is called a 'suhciety gurl.'...
...You will be known as a ragtime kid, a flapper, a jazz-baby, and a baby vamp. You will dance new dances..."
-From F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned

Forget Paris Hilton. The real socialite is a girl who can be found only occasionally, say on Miss V's party pages in Vogue, Page Six of The New York Post, or maybe in the gossip fueled headlines of The society girls of today, are jet-setting mini moguls, designer's muses, and far classier heiresses than the Hiltons ever were. Today's socialites are not simply ragtime kids and jazz babies, instead they are handbag designers, beauty ambassadors, aspiring actresses and documentary film makers. Business expense? Charge it to Daddy! Find this set of Bright Young Things front and center at the top Fashion Week shows, holidaying in the Hamptons or St. Moritz, or enjoying a quiet (diet) drink at New York's Waverly Inn.

Musette introduces you to Byrdie, Tatiana and Lauren:

Byrd of Paradise!
Byrdie Bell pictured in white with sociali..excuse-me 'film-maker' Arden Wohl.
After a much publicized falling out with frenemie and fellow party girl Olivia Palermo, Byrdie Bell has been making the party rounds at break-neck speeds. With a great sense of style, BB symbolizes a new wave of hip Manhattan socialites. Bell comes across far more down to earth than her upper-classmen by admitting her love of the subway, and-gasp-lack of a private plane!

More Than Andrea's Arm Candy!
Tatiana Santo Domingo pictured with boyfriend Andrea Casiraghi.
Tatiana Santo Domingo is a Colombian beauty with a keen eye for style, a gorgeous beau, and many, many dollars waiting for her in the bank. Although she is busy with royal events in Monaco, the Couture shows in Paris, and sunning on the world's most luxurious beaches, this beer heiress still finds time to study art history at the New School. Cheers to that!

The Bergdorf Blonde!
Lauren Davis lets loose on the dance floor at NYC's Winter Ball.
Having been married in January to Tatiana's brother Andres in what was dubbed 'the first real society wedding of the century,' Lauren Davis mightn't need to keep her job as an editor at Vogue. In a $250,000 wedding dress designed by pal Oliver Theyskens, Davis' nine, yes NINE, bridesmaids served as a who's-who of the social set. With her all American look, reminiscent of the late Caroline Besette, this it-girl knows how to attract a crowd.

Musette Most Wanted

Musette brings you four items of substance and luxury that are worth wanting right now.

Let Down Your (Avant) Guard
Fabulous Footwear Courtesy of Prada
Step inside a world where flowers come to life, angels are our friends, and fashion knows no limits with Prada's Spring 2008 collection. Strap on a pair of surrealist-inspired shoes that look as delicate as china and feel as wild as your imagination.

Seeing Things in Black & White...
Slimane Shares His (Rock) Diary
When he wasn't busy reinventing menswear at Dior, Hedi Slimane was taking photographs. And by photographs we mean unforgettable images of your very favourite people, places and things. Go to his website or purchase the brand new book Rock Diary to see for yourself. www.hedislimane/diary/

Forever Four-Eyed...

Verdict Is Tom Ford Knows Good Frames
After a long and meaningful search it seems Tom Ford masters the art of framing like no other. Get back to basics in simple specs or magnify your intellectuality in glasses that would make your optometrist proud. Either way, Tom is your man.

I Want Intimacy...

Stella Nails Lingerie
Stella McCartney's much awaited lingerie line is here and temptresses the world over cannot wait to slip into the luxurious line. With an aesthetic a little antique, a little bit racy, Stella has certainly done it again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Musette Look of the Week

Kate Moss Arriving at the Wedding of Leah Wood and Jack McDonaldWith a rumored wedding in the works for Kate Moss and The Kills other half Jamie Hince, this photograph required a double take. Although she was only a guest, Miss Moss still arrived in her usual fashion, effortlessly upstaging the bride - daughter of The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood. Hince, Moss and lovely Lila Grace were reported to arrive after the ceremony had begun, putting a rather literal spin on the phrase fashionably late. In a floor length Chanel dress, vivid shawl and eye catching clutch, the only thing that looked better than Katie's ensemble were her wedding companions. Mini Moss is already donning fur stoles, and Hince looked every bit the part of dashing rock star in a three piece suit. Here's to a Musette muse and her very cute crew.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Resort: It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The Resort collections remind us that sometimes fashion can be fun and frivolous. And that's all. And that's OK. Resort encourages escapism and celebration: a holiday to a far away place, a sundowner with your sweetheart, treasuring the luxury in your life.

Stella McCartney poses with models at her Resort 2009 show, (which took place in a quaint New York City garden-how perfect for our favourite eco-friendly designer.)

Alexander Wang took a break from grunge, grunge, grunge and offered up a few unusually girlie frocks, such as this lovely wrapped number pictured above.

It was all polka-dots and moonbeams at Lanvin's show this year. In keeping with resort wear's bottom line, designer Alber Elbaz wholeheartedly embraced "the idea of vacation."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Musette Spotlights HEARTTHROBS

A pulsation of the heart; a heartbeat.
Sentimental or tender emotion.
A Sweetheart.

Musette spotlights the onscreen men we will never, ever forget.

The Unlikely Yet Totally Irresistible Heartthrob:
John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything 1989
He was a mumbling, designated driving, trench coat wearing fool in Cameron Crowe's Say Anything, but something about Lloyd Dobler still makes the heart go pitter-pat. Lloyd believed in true love and had the endearing summer goal simply to be 'a great date' to the perfect Diane Court. But ultimately Dobler's heartthrob status is gained when he blasts Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes from a gigantic boombox for his one and only to hear. Now that is wooing at it's finest.

The Dark Horse Of A Heartthrob:
Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie Darko in Donnie Darko 2001
Before Jake belonged to Reese, was in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, and could be seen cycling with Lance Armstrong, he was Donnie Darko-the dark and edgy object of our infatuation. Confused and subject to obscure hallucinations, Donnie possesses heartthrob qualities as a result of his looks, (hot!) and his eerie conviction regarding the fate of the world. Not many troubled teens could convince us the world will end in 28 days because of a message he got from a giant bunny, but somehow our Darko does it.

The Guy We Wish We Knew In High School Heartthrob:

Michael Schoeffling as Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles 1984
Scoring the hottest guy in school is pretty good compensation when your parents forget your birthday. Molly Ringwald, queen of 80's cinema, nabs her man after a series of embarrassing events, although we can't help but be more than a little jealous. Perfect hair, bod, clothes and deep, deep voice, Jake Ryan is a high school hunk with a sensitive side. When he chooses the quirky Miss Ringwald over his perky and popular girlfriend, Jake peaks to eternal heartthrob ranks.

The Why Can't Men Be Like That Anymore Heartthrob:

Gregory Peck as Joe Bradley in Roman Holiday 1953
Finding a drugged up woman asleep on a bench seems a suitable build up to a scandal, but not when Gregory Peck is the leading man. After this gallant and charming journalist brings a semi-conscious princess back to his apartment for the night, he tucks her into bed and takes an admirable place on the couch. This tale would probably pan out differently in today's big bad world, especially when a woman that even slightly resembles Audrey Hepburn is involved. However, Gregory Peck was a rare gem of a man whose stand-up nature and debonair looks place him in a heartthrob category all of his own.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Musette Hall of Fame 1

The Model: Lara Stone
Lara Stone is a bodacious babe that came leaping onto the scene, prominent eyebrows, big breasts, gapped teeth and all. Stone was quickly embraced by ID magazine and adored by Calvin Klein for her standout looks and healthy figure. Lara breathes new life into an industry where girls are plummeting to scarily low weights. This model will forever be a Hall of Famer for ignoring the fashion pack rats that have been known to say "we don't want you to be anorexic, we just want you to look it." Yikes! Go Lara!

The Director: Sophia Coppola

We heard The Strokes in Versailles, got fashion inspiration to last a lifetime, and fell in love with Bill Murray. How could this have happened without the directorial help of Sophia Coppola? She is responsible for the coolest films of our generation, and when caught in front of the camera, Sophia is every bit as chic as you could hope her to be. With a father in Francis Ford, a cousin in Jason (be still my heart) Schwartzman, and a brother in the über-cool Roman, Musette dibs a seat at Sophia's next family get-together.

The Designer: Doo Ri
Doo Ri Chung went from a one woman design house based in the basement of her family's dry cleaning business to the CFDA's darling. Her trademark shirts and jersey dresses may not be the most radical or cutting edge items on the market, but their quality, classic aesthetic and perfect fit make her label a favourite. With the sweetest of demeanor's, beautiful personal style, and self-made rags to riches tale, Musette gladly inducts Ms. Doo Ri.

The Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal
She has a slew of blockbusters under her belt, a famous husband, and a killer wardrobe, yet Maggie G. still seems like the type of gal you could get to know at your local haunt over cheap wine and french fries. With a down to earth look, the loveliest of smiles, and a knack for scoring super-cool film roles, Maggie possesses a sincerity many of her Hollywood cohorts lack. We love her as a submissive secretary, French speaking party girl, and Donnie Darko's sister. Marrying Jake seems tempting simply to be able to call Maggie 'sister in law.'

Friday, June 20, 2008

Musette Look of the Week

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Moscow Art Center
It is no secret that Musette is a fan of Charlotte Casiraghi, (see the Bright Young Things Best Dressed List for proof,) and a look like this simply feeds the obsession. For the opening of the Moscow Center of Contemporary Culture-ah Russia, how chic!-Charlotte transformed the simplest of little black dresses into elegance epitomised. Finishing off the look with red lips, fab shoes, and a perfect pout to boot, Charlotte got it all right once again. If you are going to swan around an art opening with Jeff Koons and a spoonful of caviar, you might as well do it in style.
As the working week comes to a close, inspiration is found via our favourite pseudo-royal. Thanks Charlotte!
x Musette

Monday, June 16, 2008

Musette Honours ALBUM COVERS

Clouds (1969)
She was the queen of all the flower children; the folk singing goddess of the hippie era. Joni Mitchell's naturalistic self-portrait that appeared on the cover of her second studio album, Clouds, seems to assert this well earned status beautifully. On the cover of a compilation consisting only of acoustic guitar and Mitchell's crystal clear voice, the singer portrays herself, piercing eyes, vibrant flower and all, on a backdrop of her hometown of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, long before the days of commercial development. For the woman who made the words, pave paradise and put up a parking lot, famous, it seems a rather fitting image. Mitchell is undoubtedly a jack of all creative trades, but claims the visual arts as her foremost passion. It is no wonder she is responsible for each cover of her twenty one albums to date. Joni has remarked she is a "painter derailed by circumstance," yet Musette chooses to think of her as a woman who can do anything.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Musette Beauty File II

Rising to fame in the early 60's with albums in both French and English, songstress Francoise Hardy possessed a unique look men could not resist, and women found hard to resent. Francoise has had the public in awe of her ever since she was the original'Yeh Yeh' Girl From Paris.With her fans ever faithful, it wasn't long until Bob Dylan was writing odes to Hardy in the cover sleeves of his albums, and director John Frankenheimer was casting her in the soon to be classic Grand Prix. Francoise has always had the ability to enchant even her most discerning peers.Francoise Hardy's cool factor was not short-lived by any means. Hipsters, intellectuals and rebels alike adored this beauty's voice and style during her musical heyday, yet years later she is inspiring Balenciaga collections and attracting collaborators such as Iggy Pop.
Francoise Hardy alone could make us all devout Francophiles; everything about this gal is truly worship-worthy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Musette's ROCKING Style File

Is the thought that you will never look as cool as your favourite rock star getting you down?
Well cheer up, because Musette demonstrates how easy it is to channel rock idols without looking like you are headed to a costume party.

Exhibit A
If you can't seem to duplicate her singing voice then borrow Patti's consistently androgynous look and make it your own.Team a pair of skinny trousers with ankle boots, a loose top, and a boxy blazer or waistcoat. Ditch the make-up for a day and walk with a swagger only Patti can top. Perfected above by Alexander Wang-Fall 2008 RTW

Exhibit B

Always wanted to get in touch with Bowie's wild alter ego? Following in his fashion footsteps does not have to be as wacky as you think. Now is the time to embrace 'skin tight,' whether it be in the form of a mini dress, (as seen in the Balmain Fall 2008 RTW collection) or a daring uni-tard. Go all out with bright make-up such as electric eyeshadow, bright blushes or matte, stained lips...Not all at once though, please.

Exhibit C
JANIS JOPLINIf you can't get enough of that husky voice and iconic style, be free to step up to the 60's fashion plate.Pair a tie-dyed top or pants with something more basic to balance it all out. While remembering to wear your hair wild, look out for a pair of round sunnies to complete this psychedelic look.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tackle the Burrrrs With Violets for your Furs

Winter doesn't have to be all about pasty skin, wind burn and numb fingertips. In fact, the coziest of all seasons has potential to be just as romantic as the warm summer sun.

Princess Grace is adored by fans on a chilly Manhattan street.

Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal make the most of the snowy weather in a scene from Love Story, 1970.

Take a cue from Ali and Grace by embracing the cold instead of cursing it.
Marni Fall 2008 RTW

Don't be afraid to go all out this winter in elaborate warm woollies that will have every passerby gazing in envy.
Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 RTW

When the winter blues are getting you down do not despair; wrap up in your favorite scarf, let the nippy air invigorate you, and whistle that oh so relevant tune by Billie Holiday:

It was winter in Manhattan
Falling snowflakes filled the air
The streets were covered with a film of ice
But a little simple magic that I'd heard about somewhere
Changed the weather all around, just within a trice

You bought me violets for my furs
And there was blue in the wintry sky
You pinned the violets to my furs
And gave a lift to the crowds passing by
You smiled at me so sweetly
Since then one thought occurs
That we fell in love completely
The day you bought me violets for my furs

Many butterfly kisses & snow angels from Musette to you x

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's Go Away...To St Tropez

This summer, capture the spirit of all that is glamorous by seeking inspiration from 1960's St Tropez. This French gem of a town has long been a magnet for the rich and fabulous, most famously the quintessential sex kitten, Brigitte Bardot. Bardot made fashion waves on sea and land, sporting itty-bitty bikinis on Riva motorboats, and floppy hats and strappy sandals while lounging at cafes. Whether you are luxuriating at the beach or hitting the city sidewalks during your next holiday, reuse the looks that BB made so memorable by sporting 60's inspired luxury leisure-wear that will make your summer as shiny and shimmery as it should be.Borrow ideas from Chanel's beyond cool 2009 Resort collection in classic dresses, flared trousers, plaited headbands and timeless hats. Take time to embrace your inner French bombshell by soaking up the rays in a vintage inspired two piece, (like the Calvin Klein beaut featured above.) Strap on a pair of espadrilles, and be sure to demand a new speedboat with every summer fling-just as Brigitte did.

PS Those who are on the other side of the world and rugging up for winter, stay tuned!