Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Aussie Awesomeness

Things are looking GOOD down under. Aussie stars of fashion and film just seem to be getting hotter, making you realise there is more to being an Australian than swatting away mossies and putting another shrimp on the barbie.

THE FACE:Model Maniac Catherine McNeilThis Brisbane beauty came crashing into prominence last year landing on the covers of Vogue and V. Not bad for a self-confessed Metalhead from the Gold Coast. With her unique feline-like facial features this super-module is stopping cars worldwide.

THE FASHION BIBLE:The Rockin' Russh Magazine
Cool kids all over Aussie are russhing to news stands to see what's what on the fashion front. Usually Russh reckons 70's inspired flairs, fringed waistcoats, headpieces and the odd music festival are where it's at, proving the laid back attitude of this fun-in-the-sun loving country.

THE SCREEN SIREN:Our Australian Idol, Abbie CornishShe was a beautiful co-star in the harrowing Candy with beloved Heath, and now Abbie C. is in hot demand all throughout Hollywood. Up next she plays 19th Century poet John Keat's love interest in Bright Star, proving a low profile can often get you ahead. This small town Aussie gal used to dream of being a vet but Musette is pleased this jaw dropping stunner chose a profession that allows for us to gaze at her on a big screen.

THE LOOK:Loving Everything About Lover
Sydney based fashion design duo Nic Brand and Susien Chong certainly know the way into the hearts of Bright Young Things everywhere. Their aesthetic masterfully combines prettiness and edginess, resulting in looks that allow you to feel like the hippest girl at any party. With a new range of super cute 'swimmers,' Lover epitomises the cool mood that Australia can't help but share with the rest of the world.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Musette Says: "I HEART YOU!"

You exchanged heart shaped candies on Valentine's Day and drew hearts with arrows through them in reference to your latest crush. Now, you can prove love is all you need by wearing your heart on your sleeve-quite literally. Above Sonia by Sonia Rykiel brooch. Show how electric your feelings are with a dress from Karen Walker's Fall 2007 range, (above) or get Cupid's attention with any number of items from Commes des Garcons' Play line. When it comes to expressing yourself through style, remember that a heart spells L-O-V-E best.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girls Will Be Boys

Girls everywhere are guilty of stealing an item or two from their boyfriend's wardrobe. Whether it be an oversized shirt, a baggy pair of jeans or a loose sweater. you can't beat the comfort or the cool of boy's clothes. Model Freja Beha Erichsen showcases this below.
On the other hand, items that have been tailored for a lady, yet based on masculine looks have a whole different set of benefits. Irina Lazareanu and Kate Bosworth prove that sophistication and smartness can go a long way. Inspiration: The Fabulously Fashion-Forward Katharine Hepburn
"What American fashion was all about even before any of us thought of designing it," was how the CFDA praised the individualist style of Katharine Hepburn when they awarded her in 1986 for her lifetime of fiercely unique fashion choices. Today woman can seek guidance from this Hollywood great by choosing looks that in fact assert femininity by embracing a look that is strong, daring, and unabashedly manly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Musette Honours ALBUM COVERS

Musette will honour album covers that offer insight into the uniqueness of a time. If music reflects the sound of an era, then the cover certainly reflects the look. Enjoy.

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)

So...You happen to be dating the hottest musician out and it ends you up on one of the most iconic album covers of all time...Sweet success. Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan were seeing each other when his second studio album was released, and the two were photographed on an NYC corner near the couple's Greenwich Village apartment. The image is a snapshot of spontaneity and free love-it captures the mood of the 60's beautifully. Rotolo is now attempting to freewheel her way into some rewards by writing a memoir about her relationship with Dylan, where she accounts falling victim to his lies and insecurity. Oh Suze, we don't feel bad for you at all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

90210 is Musette's Favourite Zip Code

The cast of Beverly Hills 90210 were the early 90's dream team. Guy's wanted Steve's corvette, Brandon's hairdresser and Dylan's street smarts; while girls yearned for Kelly's all American good looks, Brenda's boyish style, and Donna', her credit card I guess. Think it's to soon to recreate the looks that made the 90210 the hottest destination ever? Think again. By taking favourite looks from the entire cast you can pay homage to the greatest television series of all time without looking like you just stepped off the set of the Peach Pit.

Oh Kelly Taylor. Your Mom was so lenient and you scored the hottest boys in town. Exude the confidence that KT did by pairing a floral mini dress with a denim jacket, socks and sneakers or even Dr. Marten boots. Flaunt your naughty 90's self like you just partied back stage with Color Me Bad. Below: Kate Moss for Topshop dress.
Brenda, you ruled 'Casa Walsh' in your vests, neckties and shiny brunette locks. No wonder Dylan McKay fell for you.Turn out a Brenda-esque look by grouping a pair of pleated shorts or pants with with a crisp white shirt and boxy suit jacket, to show you aren't afraid of trying out for the school play-or breaking curfew. Below: Chloe shorts.
Donna Martin, you may not have been the brightest member of the bunch, but you sure knew how to shop up a storm and soak up the rays like a true California Girl.Rock a Donna inspired ensemble like you have a private cabana at the Beverly Hills Beach Club and a pocket full of cash by going glitz and glam with a totally 90's charm bracelet. Don't forget your tiny cut-offs, round sunglasses and bronzing oil! Below: Chanel charm bracelet.
And how could we forget the boys...They may have toyed with the girls hearts, but they always made it up in the form of a midnight swim or a dance at the After Dark. The boys of B.H. knew how to keep their hair in place while driving with the top down and seemed to pull off a leather jacket better than James Dean.
Reveal that special place in your heart for Brandon and Dylan, with a cropped leather jacket and a pair of Levis. Also, remember a little hair gel and a comb goes a long way. Below: Rick Owens leather jacket.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Char Says:"Step Into My Closet!"

Gorgeous 20 year old Charlette Bunn was the first gracious girl to allow Musette a peak at her beautiful collection of clothes, shoes, bags and knick-knacks. This Bright Young Thing calls Auckland, New Zealand home, and fancies yoga, Panda Bear,, the odd cocktail, and her lovely boyfriend Waldo. When Char isn't busy dreaming up a way to create an animal friendly footwear line, she is gaining her Law degree from Auckland University or working hard at Karen Walker's flagship store.

"Oh, This Old Thing?!"Char's closet is filled with an enviable selection of dresses and jackets. Among her favourite's are a Marc by Marc Jacob's denim shift, two flirty Karen Walker numbers and an oversized cream coat by Lover.

"These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things..."
This treasure trove of a goody pile consists of Jil Sander brogues, Biba wooden platforms, Marc Jacobs embellished pumps, an embroidered Miu Miu bag, a leather bag from Marc by Marc, Karen Walker hats, sunglasses and belt, a Loewe wallet, and a leather headband and diary.

"Let's Kiss And Make-Up"Char names MAC and Chanel as her make-up picks and has a more extensive nail polish collection than your local manicurist. She doesn't leave home without her Karen Walker pendants, heart shaped compact, or Marc Jacobs key chain sporting a C-for Charlette, of course.

In the very first Step Into My Closet Q and A, Charlette reveals the secrets to her consistently cute style and natural, carefree look.

Sum up your personal style in three words
. Laid back, quirky, tidy.
Who are your style icons? I steal a lot of ideas from my lovely friends but I think Kirsten Dunst always looks cute and I like Natalie Portman's animal conscious outfits which always look classic and pretty. Chloe Sevigny has the best wardrobe ever, she is always doing her own thing which I admire. Audrey Hepburn is my favourite old Hollywood style icon – she always looks so tidy and chic.
Your house is burning down, what do you run to grab from the closet? I would grab as many pairs of shoes as possible. Eeek the wooden ones first.
Name an item…or two… you dream of owning. I am a bit of a realist so I dream of things I know I can get my hands on one day. I dream of owning a classic Chanel 2.1 quilted black leather bag and a beautiful watch something a little masculine like an Omega aquaracer…
Quick! The Strokes just invited you to their after-party, what are you going to wear?! Cool, I love Julian Casablancas. Something simple, not too outrageous probably a cute short dress, black flats and my axe pendant.
Vogue, ID and Nylon were spotted in your personal collection-do you have a favourite magazine? I adore Russh for their layout and the clothes they feature, I will definitely absorb into that for a few hours. Any European Vogue is inspirational and ID is amongst those top three.
Are there any films that inspire your style? I am inspired by Sofia Coppola's films as she always uses such unique colour palettes that result in really beautiful looking work. The costumes in The Virgin Suicides continue to influence my style especially the dresses worn by Lux.
Do you have any beauty secrets? Avoid sugar! It will help your skin look clear and glowing. Drink lots of green tea and a little bronzer on the cheeks goes a long way.
If we were to open your handbag what would we be likely to find? Rubble. I am really good at collecting useless things and they often end up in my handbag. Aside from that, my make up purse containing my favourite products that I may need at any time; lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and cheek tint. My moleskin diary with important reminders, my ipod, marc jacobs compact. Possibly a nail polish or two and bundles of keys.
Look back at your past, what were your biggest fashion mistakes? One occasion springs to mind when I decided it was a good idea to team an oversized jumper with an oversized dress. The result-one oversized crazy person. I think fashion is always changing though so you can’t look back with too much regret.

x Musette x

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Musette Must-Have List

SHE WEARS THE PANTS:The Clothing ItemShow them whose boss in a pair of beautifully tailored, wide leg trousers. Team them with a t-shirt or leotard for effortless cool, or be a smarty-pants in a shirt and blazer. With pants that are full and classic, high slung or low, you can take the party or the meeting by storm. Borrow a page from the fashion bible of Katherine Hepburn and jump on the trouser band wagon-you won't be sorry. Above:Ohne Titel embraces sophistication in the Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear show.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique is a perfume that knows how to keep a low profile, and for that Musette gives it credit. Developed in the '70s, this unusual tonic has had a mere five advertisements created for it-the first one emerged a whopping fourteen years after Elixir's emergence. Clinique stayed true to it's scientific values aiming for the scent to stimulate the senses through the unique combination of patchouli, chamomile and amber. This alluring yet nontraditional fragrance has attracted a large but obscure group of sweet smelling fans.

Lagerfeld Confidential offers a look into the world of the man who brought Coco Chanel's fashion house back to life. The designer extraordinaire is insightful, funny and smart, and as glamourous as you would hope him to be. Whether he is dining in Monaco with Princess Stephanie or picking a collar from his vast collection of starched separates, Karl conveys an eccentricity and ease which makes you realise why he is one of fashion's greatest living legends. High points of the film are his risque photo shoots with eager male models, and a precious glimpse of Karl sans dark glasses.

BRIGHT EYES:The Beauty Must
When using a liquid eyeliner levels of extremity may vary from one user to the next. Channel Cleopatra with a heavy helping, The Graduate's Mrs. Robinson with a sneaky stroke, or innocent Audrey as poor Holly Golightly with only a subtle hint of black. For a look that is sure to stay on all day and night while exuding the inner you, liquid eyeliner is a Musette beauty must. Above:Rodarte gives us the eye in their Spring '07 show.

Don't wander around weak and defenseless, slip on a ring that will guarantee you safety and style. A chunky ring will arm your hand while upping your chicness as well. Pick a ring people won't be able to help but notice whether it be bright, bold, blingin', or just plain big. Above: Karen Walker topaz ring.

The Kills are back with Midnight BOOM! Expect anything from electronic edge to rocking riffs and sweet lullabies in this new gem of an album. The Kills consist of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince (that'a VV and Hotel to you!) This super cool pair stay true to their anti-industry attitude in their eclectic collection of songs. If you were a fan of the duo's 2005 release No Wow then you are sure to appreciate Midnight Boom's combo of familiar sounds and adventurous new additions. Skip to Goodnight Bad Morning for a slow dance or alternatively Cheap and Cheerful to rock it on out.