Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girls Will Be Boys

Girls everywhere are guilty of stealing an item or two from their boyfriend's wardrobe. Whether it be an oversized shirt, a baggy pair of jeans or a loose sweater. you can't beat the comfort or the cool of boy's clothes. Model Freja Beha Erichsen showcases this below.
On the other hand, items that have been tailored for a lady, yet based on masculine looks have a whole different set of benefits. Irina Lazareanu and Kate Bosworth prove that sophistication and smartness can go a long way. Inspiration: The Fabulously Fashion-Forward Katharine Hepburn
"What American fashion was all about even before any of us thought of designing it," was how the CFDA praised the individualist style of Katharine Hepburn when they awarded her in 1986 for her lifetime of fiercely unique fashion choices. Today woman can seek guidance from this Hollywood great by choosing looks that in fact assert femininity by embracing a look that is strong, daring, and unabashedly manly.

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