Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Musette Must-Have List

SHE WEARS THE PANTS:The Clothing ItemShow them whose boss in a pair of beautifully tailored, wide leg trousers. Team them with a t-shirt or leotard for effortless cool, or be a smarty-pants in a shirt and blazer. With pants that are full and classic, high slung or low, you can take the party or the meeting by storm. Borrow a page from the fashion bible of Katherine Hepburn and jump on the trouser band wagon-you won't be sorry. Above:Ohne Titel embraces sophistication in the Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear show.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique is a perfume that knows how to keep a low profile, and for that Musette gives it credit. Developed in the '70s, this unusual tonic has had a mere five advertisements created for it-the first one emerged a whopping fourteen years after Elixir's emergence. Clinique stayed true to it's scientific values aiming for the scent to stimulate the senses through the unique combination of patchouli, chamomile and amber. This alluring yet nontraditional fragrance has attracted a large but obscure group of sweet smelling fans.

Lagerfeld Confidential offers a look into the world of the man who brought Coco Chanel's fashion house back to life. The designer extraordinaire is insightful, funny and smart, and as glamourous as you would hope him to be. Whether he is dining in Monaco with Princess Stephanie or picking a collar from his vast collection of starched separates, Karl conveys an eccentricity and ease which makes you realise why he is one of fashion's greatest living legends. High points of the film are his risque photo shoots with eager male models, and a precious glimpse of Karl sans dark glasses.

BRIGHT EYES:The Beauty Must
When using a liquid eyeliner levels of extremity may vary from one user to the next. Channel Cleopatra with a heavy helping, The Graduate's Mrs. Robinson with a sneaky stroke, or innocent Audrey as poor Holly Golightly with only a subtle hint of black. For a look that is sure to stay on all day and night while exuding the inner you, liquid eyeliner is a Musette beauty must. Above:Rodarte gives us the eye in their Spring '07 show.

Don't wander around weak and defenseless, slip on a ring that will guarantee you safety and style. A chunky ring will arm your hand while upping your chicness as well. Pick a ring people won't be able to help but notice whether it be bright, bold, blingin', or just plain big. Above: Karen Walker topaz ring.

The Kills are back with Midnight BOOM! Expect anything from electronic edge to rocking riffs and sweet lullabies in this new gem of an album. The Kills consist of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince (that'a VV and Hotel to you!) This super cool pair stay true to their anti-industry attitude in their eclectic collection of songs. If you were a fan of the duo's 2005 release No Wow then you are sure to appreciate Midnight Boom's combo of familiar sounds and adventurous new additions. Skip to Goodnight Bad Morning for a slow dance or alternatively Cheap and Cheerful to rock it on out.

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