Wednesday, April 16, 2008

90210 is Musette's Favourite Zip Code

The cast of Beverly Hills 90210 were the early 90's dream team. Guy's wanted Steve's corvette, Brandon's hairdresser and Dylan's street smarts; while girls yearned for Kelly's all American good looks, Brenda's boyish style, and Donna', her credit card I guess. Think it's to soon to recreate the looks that made the 90210 the hottest destination ever? Think again. By taking favourite looks from the entire cast you can pay homage to the greatest television series of all time without looking like you just stepped off the set of the Peach Pit.

Oh Kelly Taylor. Your Mom was so lenient and you scored the hottest boys in town. Exude the confidence that KT did by pairing a floral mini dress with a denim jacket, socks and sneakers or even Dr. Marten boots. Flaunt your naughty 90's self like you just partied back stage with Color Me Bad. Below: Kate Moss for Topshop dress.
Brenda, you ruled 'Casa Walsh' in your vests, neckties and shiny brunette locks. No wonder Dylan McKay fell for you.Turn out a Brenda-esque look by grouping a pair of pleated shorts or pants with with a crisp white shirt and boxy suit jacket, to show you aren't afraid of trying out for the school play-or breaking curfew. Below: Chloe shorts.
Donna Martin, you may not have been the brightest member of the bunch, but you sure knew how to shop up a storm and soak up the rays like a true California Girl.Rock a Donna inspired ensemble like you have a private cabana at the Beverly Hills Beach Club and a pocket full of cash by going glitz and glam with a totally 90's charm bracelet. Don't forget your tiny cut-offs, round sunglasses and bronzing oil! Below: Chanel charm bracelet.
And how could we forget the boys...They may have toyed with the girls hearts, but they always made it up in the form of a midnight swim or a dance at the After Dark. The boys of B.H. knew how to keep their hair in place while driving with the top down and seemed to pull off a leather jacket better than James Dean.
Reveal that special place in your heart for Brandon and Dylan, with a cropped leather jacket and a pair of Levis. Also, remember a little hair gel and a comb goes a long way. Below: Rick Owens leather jacket.

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