Sunday, June 22, 2008

Musette Hall of Fame 1

The Model: Lara Stone
Lara Stone is a bodacious babe that came leaping onto the scene, prominent eyebrows, big breasts, gapped teeth and all. Stone was quickly embraced by ID magazine and adored by Calvin Klein for her standout looks and healthy figure. Lara breathes new life into an industry where girls are plummeting to scarily low weights. This model will forever be a Hall of Famer for ignoring the fashion pack rats that have been known to say "we don't want you to be anorexic, we just want you to look it." Yikes! Go Lara!

The Director: Sophia Coppola

We heard The Strokes in Versailles, got fashion inspiration to last a lifetime, and fell in love with Bill Murray. How could this have happened without the directorial help of Sophia Coppola? She is responsible for the coolest films of our generation, and when caught in front of the camera, Sophia is every bit as chic as you could hope her to be. With a father in Francis Ford, a cousin in Jason (be still my heart) Schwartzman, and a brother in the über-cool Roman, Musette dibs a seat at Sophia's next family get-together.

The Designer: Doo Ri
Doo Ri Chung went from a one woman design house based in the basement of her family's dry cleaning business to the CFDA's darling. Her trademark shirts and jersey dresses may not be the most radical or cutting edge items on the market, but their quality, classic aesthetic and perfect fit make her label a favourite. With the sweetest of demeanor's, beautiful personal style, and self-made rags to riches tale, Musette gladly inducts Ms. Doo Ri.

The Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal
She has a slew of blockbusters under her belt, a famous husband, and a killer wardrobe, yet Maggie G. still seems like the type of gal you could get to know at your local haunt over cheap wine and french fries. With a down to earth look, the loveliest of smiles, and a knack for scoring super-cool film roles, Maggie possesses a sincerity many of her Hollywood cohorts lack. We love her as a submissive secretary, French speaking party girl, and Donnie Darko's sister. Marrying Jake seems tempting simply to be able to call Maggie 'sister in law.'