Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Musette Beauty File II

Rising to fame in the early 60's with albums in both French and English, songstress Francoise Hardy possessed a unique look men could not resist, and women found hard to resent. Francoise has had the public in awe of her ever since she was the original'Yeh Yeh' Girl From Paris.With her fans ever faithful, it wasn't long until Bob Dylan was writing odes to Hardy in the cover sleeves of his albums, and director John Frankenheimer was casting her in the soon to be classic Grand Prix. Francoise has always had the ability to enchant even her most discerning peers.Francoise Hardy's cool factor was not short-lived by any means. Hipsters, intellectuals and rebels alike adored this beauty's voice and style during her musical heyday, yet years later she is inspiring Balenciaga collections and attracting collaborators such as Iggy Pop.
Francoise Hardy alone could make us all devout Francophiles; everything about this gal is truly worship-worthy.