Monday, June 30, 2008

Musette Brings You The Socialite

"...You will be disguised during your fifteen years as what is called a 'suhciety gurl.'...
...You will be known as a ragtime kid, a flapper, a jazz-baby, and a baby vamp. You will dance new dances..."
-From F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned

Forget Paris Hilton. The real socialite is a girl who can be found only occasionally, say on Miss V's party pages in Vogue, Page Six of The New York Post, or maybe in the gossip fueled headlines of The society girls of today, are jet-setting mini moguls, designer's muses, and far classier heiresses than the Hiltons ever were. Today's socialites are not simply ragtime kids and jazz babies, instead they are handbag designers, beauty ambassadors, aspiring actresses and documentary film makers. Business expense? Charge it to Daddy! Find this set of Bright Young Things front and center at the top Fashion Week shows, holidaying in the Hamptons or St. Moritz, or enjoying a quiet (diet) drink at New York's Waverly Inn.

Musette introduces you to Byrdie, Tatiana and Lauren:

Byrd of Paradise!
Byrdie Bell pictured in white with sociali..excuse-me 'film-maker' Arden Wohl.
After a much publicized falling out with frenemie and fellow party girl Olivia Palermo, Byrdie Bell has been making the party rounds at break-neck speeds. With a great sense of style, BB symbolizes a new wave of hip Manhattan socialites. Bell comes across far more down to earth than her upper-classmen by admitting her love of the subway, and-gasp-lack of a private plane!

More Than Andrea's Arm Candy!
Tatiana Santo Domingo pictured with boyfriend Andrea Casiraghi.
Tatiana Santo Domingo is a Colombian beauty with a keen eye for style, a gorgeous beau, and many, many dollars waiting for her in the bank. Although she is busy with royal events in Monaco, the Couture shows in Paris, and sunning on the world's most luxurious beaches, this beer heiress still finds time to study art history at the New School. Cheers to that!

The Bergdorf Blonde!
Lauren Davis lets loose on the dance floor at NYC's Winter Ball.
Having been married in January to Tatiana's brother Andres in what was dubbed 'the first real society wedding of the century,' Lauren Davis mightn't need to keep her job as an editor at Vogue. In a $250,000 wedding dress designed by pal Oliver Theyskens, Davis' nine, yes NINE, bridesmaids served as a who's-who of the social set. With her all American look, reminiscent of the late Caroline Besette, this it-girl knows how to attract a crowd.