Thursday, February 5, 2009

Musette Loves: Penelope Cruz

That accent, that hair, that body...Swoon! Musette adores everything about Penelope Cruz. Take your hat off to Penelope by remembering some of her most dazzling performances.

As Sylvia in Jamon, Jamon 1992

Our beauty took on her first film role in the acclaimed Spanish language film Jamon, Jamon. Penelope costarred with Javier Bardem and got one perfectly pedicured foot in the door of the film industry.

As Sofia in Abres los Ojos 1997
Abres los Ojos was such a success that it was remade four years later in Hollywood as Vanilla Sky. Pen returned to Sofia but this time her lines were in English and the lead man was Tom Cruise.

As Mirtha Yung in Blow 2001
Wasn't it hard to hate her as a coke-crazed Columbian? Penelope broke Johnny Depp's heart while rocking amazing 70's style get-ups - fully proving she could make a bad girl look really great.

As Pagan Lace in Masked and Anonymous 2003
Ms. Cruz turned to her tomboy side for this cult favourite. Bob Dylan and Curb Your Enthusiasm's very own Larry Charles wrote Masked and Anonymous and Penelope was given the opportunity to share the screen with Booby D. himself.

As Raimunda in Volver 2006
Our star returned to her birthplace of Spain to play the utterly ravishing Raimunda. In this whimsical and mysterious film, Penelope's knockout performance left us all believing in ghosts.

As Conseula Castilla in Elegy 2008
She was nothing short of charming as Ben Kingsley's lovestruck Art History student in Elegy. For a film that spans a few hard years, Penelope sure knows how to keep her chicness sharp.

As Maria Elena in Vicky Christina Barcelona 2008
It was a double whammy role for PC, working with Woody Allen and being reunited with Javier Bardem. Maria Elena is wild, crazy and drop dead gorgeous. Two thumbs up go to this tortured soul's badass wardrobe as well.