Friday, February 27, 2009

Hair's The Thing...

Long like Rapunzel or short as a pixie, you can tell a lot from a person by the way they wear their hair. Sleek, wild, cropped or curly - Musette just happens to love it all. Here are some super inspiring snapshots to get you into the styling mood quick-snap.

Meryl's Mane
Check out Ms. Streep, circa 1979. Her hair was big, blonde and just a little unruly - based on her beauty here, who could have guessed she would just keep getting better?

She's On Fire

The fashion meanies have called her every unkind name in the book but we can spot the green-eyed monster a mile away. Karen Elson's red locks are as vivid as they come and Musette gives her snaps for not being shy to stray far from the crowd.

Beautiful Bouffant
The lovely Maria Christina's trademark teased 'do has the ability to stop traffic, ignite envy among the fashion set and inspire Oscar de la Renta. A big thank-you goes to this rare beauty for knowing how to stick to such a standout look.
*Photo courtesy of Jak and Jil

Ocean Spray

Nobody else has nailed beach hair quite the way Erin Wasson has. This model/muse/designer seems not to own a comb and is never one to rush out for a root dye. In the curious case of Wasson, au natural is no doubt the way to go.

Cat's On the Fringe

Eye skimming bangs are everywhere right now, due in part to Chan Marshall. This muso-extraordinaire has a fuss free head of hair that comes complete with what could possibly be the world's most perfect fringe. Let's sing to that.

Lauren's Long Bob

Oh Lauren Davis, if only all socialites were as unspeakably chic as you are. Here, photographer Garance Dore perfectly captures the shoulder-grazing, 'it' cut of the moment, (Blonde colour: optional.)

Cutie-Pie Crop

Mia Farrow's delicate features and little face are prime for a super short cut and we praise her for pulling it off. Other starlet's who know how to rock the crop include Natalie Portman and Selma Blair.