Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Love!

Seeing a mother care for her child is heartwarming, reassuring and always super cute. The connectedness, comfort and closeness that's found between this pairing is hard to find elsewhere. Musette spotlights a few frequently photographed women who seem to have motherhood down to a fine art.

Natalia, Lucas, Victor and Neva

At only 26 and amidst a whirlwind modeling career, Natalia Vodianova has managed to bring three beautiful tots into her world. With a little help from Nat's beau Justin Portman, this family unit is about as lovely and chic as they come.

Kate and Lila Grace

She may be a notorious party girl but once Lila Grace is put in the picture, Kate Moss come across as nothing short of pure. At just age 7, wee Lila has a wardrobe that seems to rival even that of her mother.

Michelle and Matilda

With doting Dad Heath Ledger gone way too soon, sweet Matilda Rose remains in good hands with the fabulous Michelle Williams. These two peas in a pod are often spotted around New York looking happy, healthy and consistently well dressed.

Liv and Milo

Cool's got to be in this kid's genes with Liv Tyler and musician Royston Langdon as Ma and Pop. Milo's got access to the best clothes, toys and playgrounds in town but we reckon his favourite pastime is simply hanging out with Mum.