Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Musette is Listening & Liking

The idea of Scarlett Johansson making an album was initially disconcerting. She was in a Justin Timberlake video and a Disneyworld campaign after all. But once contributers such as DAVID BOWIE and NICK ZINNER, (from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's,) got on board, and TOM WAITS himself gave the thumbs up, this beauty's debut musical effort was looking pretty appealing. Anywhere I Lay My Head covers Scarlett's favourite Tom Waits songs, while featuring one track she wrote herself. Of Waits' diverse appeal, the budding songstress tells ID magazine, "I think he's an artist who has a very different song for every occasion." Scarlett's characteristically deep and husky voice comes across cool and fresh, and her slightly monotone range is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground's very own Nico. Musette bets this album will be appreciated by fans and skeptics alike, for it's unique approach and high quality result.

Falling Down from Anywhere I Lay My Head
x Musette