Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musette Likes: Mick's Girls

Musette takes a chronological peak at some of the women that couldn't help but become part of Mick Jagger's world.

Marianne Loves MickSinger Marianne Faithfull was discovered at a Rolling Stones party and, well, the rest is rock and roll history. Mick and Marianne's five year love affair was tattered by drug addiction, a miscarriage, and generally bad behavior. This notorious couple wasn't all trouble though-Marianne is said to have inspired the chorus of Wild Horses and parts of Sympathy for the Devil. Also, Marianne was later able to get over Mick, clean up her act, and eventually continue singing.

Bianca Loves Mick
One year following his break up with Faithfull, Jagger married a beautiful actress and model with a progressive eye for fashion named Bianca. The marriage, (which was held in St. Tropez,) lasted ten years and resulted in the birth of Jade, their only child together. The fame Bianca gained from her marriage brought her friends in high places, (ie. Andy Warhol,) a private plane, and a permanent spot on the dance floor at Studio 54. Today Bianca is a human rights activist, and her daughter Jade is as much of an it-girl as she was.

Carolina Loves Mick
He might have been married to Bianca in the mid 70's but the Rolling Stones were also the world's biggest rock group. Constant touring meant exotic locations and equally exotic women. Say like a getaway in Mustique with a young Carolina Herrera. Herrera was not yet a fashion designer but had already been dubbed one of the world's best dressed women. It seems as though Mick just can't resist a woman in a cool outfit.

Jerry Loves Mick
Model Jerry Hall and Mick fell so in love they left their respective partners, (Bianca and Bryan Ferry) to partake in the longest relationship our rock god has had to date. Hall and Jagger had four children together, finally marrying almost a decade after they met. In '99 the two called it quits, and today Jerry searches for boytoys on an MTV reality show while living off her hefty divorce settlement.

And finally...

L'Wren Loves Mick
Ex-model turned fashion maven L'Wren Scott, towers over Mick Jagger at 6 feet 4 inches. The two are constant companions and according to Mick, the striking L'Wren is his life's "main point of interest." Scott was the leading stylist to the stars in New York when she and Mick met up, and she proceeded to deck the lead singer out in Nikes, floor length jackets and tight jeans. Maybe it's because he isn't getting any younger, but Mick and L'Wren seem a devoted couple-apparently he has never been healthier, and she is now a fashion designer, racking up the rave reviews.

So, we are guessing Mick was partially bluffing when he sang, 'I can't get no satisfaction...'