Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Musette Beauty File

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL: NATALIA VODIANOVANatalia Vodianova is (cat)walking proof that sometimes fairy tales really do come true. Her story spans from Gorky, Russia to Paris, France; fruit stall employee to Vogue cover girl; moneyless to jet setting philanthropist.Natalia was a showstopper from an early age, swapping the fruit stall for a modeling agency as a teen. A Parisian scout convinced her to learn English and move to Paris, forcing our beautiful brainiac to master the language in a record three months. For her undeniable beauty and charm it wasn't long before supervodianova was booking shows, campaigns and magazine covers galore. Quickly joining the ranks of Kate Moss and Carolyn Murphy, Vodianova became one of the industry's top earners, and in true fairy tale fashion, Natalia met her Prince Charming, a handsome Brit named Justin Portman. The two have since married and had three children, and wee Nat is only 25, what a yummy mummy! Coming from a disadvantaged background led Vodianova to start the Naked Heart Foundation, a cause which provides Russian children with safe playgrounds. Of Naked Heart, Natalia says, 'I know I am probably not giving necessity to the children, but I am giving luxury.' A poised, beautiful, do-gooder, with an exceptional eye for style? We could have our generation's answer to Audrey Hepburn.