Thursday, July 31, 2008

Musette Loves: Sam Riley

Be Still Our Collective Heart, Here Comes SR!
Best known for breaking out by way of last year's Joy Division biopic Control, Sam Riley is the brightest heartthrob to hit the scene as of late. Getting ready for the portrayal of Ian Curtis was no sweat for our rock god, who plays in a band when he isn't busy acting. Riley came from humble beginnings-think clothing factory in Leeds!-but has since made leaps and bounds, refusing for his star to go unnoticed.Find Riley in his next two films Franklyn and Nottingham, as well as looking dashing in the latest Burberry campaign. Sweet Sam currently lives in Berlin with, sigh... his girlfriend, actress Alexandra Maria Lara. However this couple is so red hot, how could you not approve?
x Musette Loves Sam Riley x