Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musette Honours Album Covers

London Calling, 1979
The cover art of The Clash's third studio album symblises a true 'rock and roll moment'. This sincere image captures Paul Simonon smashing his guitar in rockin' rage, and today is one of the most sought after album covers for die-hards everywhere. In usual Clash fashion, the songs of London Calling deal with unemployment, racial tension, and drug use-in fact producer Guy Stevens was an addict himself and took to throwing chairs around while the band was recording, which gave a chaotic sound to many of the tracks. The harshness of the cover is softened with large, bright, block letters giving it an upbeat appeal. The format of London Calling was an ironic parody of Elvis' debut album which featured the same use of typography and black and white photography. London Calling portrays the mood of the 70's like no other album art does by balancing the fun that was the music and the party scene with the general frustration concerning the state of the world. It seems our band really was all about The Clash.