Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musette Beats the Breakout Blues!

Although we know that true beauty comes from within, there is no denying that often times clear skin equals happiness. Musette makes it all better by recommending a few tried and true treatments designed so you can kiss those pesky blemishes good-bye for good.

1.) Cetaphil Cleanser, cheap as chips and approved by your dermatologist!
While Lancome's scented skincare is tempting and the packaging of Stella McCartney's Care line is very chic, it's with Cetaphil that you simply can't go wrong. Guaranteed by dermatologists to visibly reduce breakouts, this gentle formula isn't hiding any nasty chemicals and will leave a lot of money left in your back pocket.

When Life Gives you Pimples, Make Lemonade...Seriously.
Forget that their packed with Vitamin C and taste divine, lemons also work wonders on your skin. Squeeze a bit into a glass of water or tea for a helpful skin boost or see even faster results by applying lemon pulp directly to your problem areas. Leave for a couple of minutes before removing with warm water and voila! Super sweet skin.

3.) Hollywood's Secret Weapon isn't Proactiv, it's Sonya Dakar.
I know that LiLo and P-Diddy let you in on 'their little secret' but here's one that is better yet: Sonya Dakar's Drying Potion. This little bottle of magic is an ingenious concoction of peppermint and sage oils mixed in with a bunch of scientific stuff. One tiny dab before bed will lend new meaning to the words beauty sleep.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Smooth sailing ahead!
Skincare experts Dermologica offer a gentle, soothing exfoliant that is yet to be beat. This dry powder substance will lather when mixed with water and effectively smooth out imperfections. Powerful enough to be used only a few times a week, this fantastic face wash will give your skin a velvety feel you never dreamed possible.

5.) Hop on the Rooibos...
Like lemons, rooibos (or red) tea also has healing agents fit for problem skin. Break open a tea bag or buy the leaves loose to transform into a miraculous facial mask. Rub on a clean face, let sit until dry and wait for the radiant results. Note: Perform this procedure alone as it's not the most flattering home spa treatment.

Last Word, Promise!
When choosing a facial cream opt for a light, non-greasy formula such as Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin moisturizer or a calming face milk from the Dr. Hauschka range. To insure the lasting health of your skin, use clean makeup brushes to apply makeup and avoid processed foods and sugary drinks at all costs.