Monday, November 3, 2008

Musette's Star Signs, 6.

June 22 - July 21

You are as kind as they come and wise beyond your years. Never one to get caught up in trivial matters, you would rather stay in with a few close friends than line up outside of a club. Your home is your safe haven and has been transformed into a cozy sort of shangri-la, a space envied by everyone who steps inside. You possess a style that is effortless, functional and chic - a fantastic fusion of Amelie and Annie Hall. You have a knack for looking sharp and never appear one bit overdone. You leap at the chance to host a dinner party, never hesitate before offering a cup of a tea and find nothing more satisfying than taking care of the ones you love.

Designer: Karen Walker

Never Go Without: Candles

Can Never Have Enough: Winter Woollies

*Hat by Sonia Rykiel