Sunday, August 26, 2007

H is for Halston

"You're only as good as the people you dress," are words that Halston lived by as he was transforming traditional 1960's style into modernist iconic staples. Halston was a favourite among fashion royalty such as Bianca Jagger; his floor length kaftans, beaded tunics and suede shifts graced the dance floors of Studio 54 on a weekly basis. Halston received no formal design training yet was introducing looks that were fresh and original, and have been often duplicated since their emergence. Halston seemed to be a long forgotten ghost of the disco-era until early last year entertainment powerhouse Harvey Weinstein joined forces with Tamara Mellon, the head of Jimmy Choo, and bought the historic fashion house with plans of bringing it back to life. Uber-stylist Rachel Zoe has been enlisted to design for the new leaf of Halston, not a surprising choice considering Zoe's own look is firmly grounded in the seventies. Musette's eyes are peeled to see if this team can revive the 70's cool-factor of the original Halston, while giving way to a brand-new modern edge.

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