Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Musette Spotlights: Claire Danes

Musette thinks Claire Danes is all class. Let's take a look at some of her standout performances.

Romeo's Juliet

Claire Danes was such an adorable Capulet that we couldn't even begrudge her a little face time with Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1996 remake of Romeo and Juliet. The angel wings she donned during the famous balcony scene seemed to suit both the girl and her character perfectly.

Angst Ridden Angela

In the pilot of My So-Called Life Angela Chase claims, 'high school is a battlefield for your heart.' Claire Danes' breakthrough character could not have been more spot on. In the most true to life series the 90's brought us, teen girls everywhere couldn't help but relate to Angela's woes surrounding love and life.

Starlight, Starbright...
With bleached hair and bleached eyebrows, Danes gracefully transformed herself into a real life star - the type you find up in the sky. For her part in last year's whimsical Stardust, CD left her audience quite literally starstruck.

Our Chicest Shopgirl

As the fragile Mirabelle in 2005's Shopgirl, Claire Danes was undoubtedly the best dressed employee at Saks. So, she had to play Steve Martin's love interest, but her wardrobe was impeccable and in the end she finds true love with Jason Schwartzman - so every cloud certainly has a silver lining.