Thursday, October 2, 2008

Musette Fills The Gap

Escape from the stress of everyday life with some sweet & soothing activities.

Look out for Little Joy, a charming new band which includes The Strokes' very own drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Named after a dive bar in LA, Little Joy specializes in fun and mellow harmonies, featuring Rodrigo Amarante as lead singer, as well as Fab's rumoured girlfriend - the very lovable Binki Shapiro.


Take pride in your personal space by giving it a fresh lick of love. Revamp your room or living area with Diptyques and a bundle of fresh flowers. If you're after a drastic change, wallpaper your surrounds - for ideal results look into Prada's whimsical range at


Revisit your mid 90's youth with The Wackness. This unlikely love story centers around an outrageous therapist, a high school outcast, and the girl that breaks his heart. Highlights include Mary-Kate Olsen as a beautiful sort of burnout, and a soundtrack that is guaranteed to bring back some fond (?) memories.


Go on a give your hair a little face time. Maintain that mane of yours by trying an organic shampoo and conditioner, such as Origins Knot Free. Let the sun get some rays on it, and when in doubt never underestimate the classic cuteness of a braid. Change your hair, change your life!