Sunday, September 21, 2008

She's IN the Band

Forget about groupies, cocky lead men, and manufactured pop stars - Musette instead spotlights four unique songbirds that take their skill and style to the stage.

She is the Kills' front(wo)man, with a killer voice and wild wardrobe to match. This fully fledged rock star works the crowd in ripped jeans, shiny shoes and unkempt hair. Alison M. is hands down our favourite grungy/glam goddess.

She came bursting onto the scene like a bright ray of sunshine. This blonde beauty from Wales has a voice like Dolly Parton, the looks of Marilyn Monroe, and a style that is very much her own. At 25 Duffy has climbed the charts with her debut album Rockferry, a collection of songs that she has written herself.


We knew she could act, but now we know she can sing. With her trademark husky voice and all around eccentricity, Zooey Deschanel is very hard to resist. She can be seen performing her debut album, Volume One, in ladylike dresses and immaculate hairdos, contrastingly breaking all the rules on stage.

While contributing to Broken Social Scene, Leslie Feist dropped her first name and went solo on the side. With a voice as smooth as they come, and a style that gives Patti Smith a folk-like softness, we can't help but love everything about this this creative cutie.