Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Worry Abbey Lee! Hugs from Musette

Dear Abbey Lee,
Heard about your ghastly tumble at the Rodarte show. Derek Blasberg couldn't help but spread the word all over, what a gossip he is! The platforms those Mulleavy sisters put you in were positively sky high - they did look fab, but not at the cost of your poor wee ankles! Keep that cute chin of yours up, dry your eyes, and remember the legendary fall of Naomi Cambell. It's not like her career suffered as a result. A roll around on the runway is practically a coming of age ceremony for any young model. Let me remind you of Jessica Stam's malfunction back at the Chloe show. And just look at her now, is there a campaign she can't score? Watch the footage, it may offer some comfort during this rather tough time.
Keep smiling Abbey Lee,
We love you, Musette x