Thursday, August 28, 2008

To: Woody Allen. Love, Musette.

Dear Mr. Allen, (or should I call you Woody?)
Anyway, I am writing to thank-you for being you. You have created my favourite films and that's not all. You've brought me enough modern day heroines to last for a lifetime of inspiration. I swooned over Diane Keaton in Manhattan, Interiors, and of course Annie Hall. Mira Sorvino made me laugh my pants off in Mighty Aphrodite, and I wanted to get up and sing with the entire cast of Everyone Says I Love You. Each one of your leading ladies has left me positively awe-struck. But let's not forget about you dear Woody. Never has neurosis been quite so lovable or charming. OK, so you left Mia Farrow for your step-daughter, but let's just say this adds to your...eccentricity! You have reminded many of us gals that sometimes the less smooth of the male species are the ones that truly deserve to be honoured. I'd like to name you The Anti-Hunk, does this title work for you? It's meant as a compliment.
Love Always, Musette.
PS Congrats on Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Penelope Cruz and ScarJo? You stud, you!