Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musette Spotlights: Lace at it's Loveliest

Femininity at it's finest comes in the form of lace. Originally, (think 17th Century) lace was so desirable, entire farms were sold in order to obtain a small portion of this luxury fabric. The Fall 2008 collections showcased a beyond-beautiful array of lace, proving that farm-selling wasn't such a crazy idea.

Prada didn't disappoint, presenting delicate yet bold lace dresses, tops and skirts in black, blue, brown and beige. Lace has never been so ready-to-wear.

Stella McCartney's show was perfected by the presence of lace. It was found in both child-like dresses and hot little numbers, as pictured above.

Alexander McQueen got historical on us, channeling princesses and colonial Britain. His lace was perhaps the most romantic of the season.

Balmain's lace came with a suitably rock & roll edge, tight traces could be seen on a number of mini dresses.