Monday, August 3, 2009

Past meets Present, Part 1

The present is constantly borrowing from the past. Fashion, art and music are all known for finding inspiration from practices and trends that were created at an earlier date. Enjoy a couple of iconic photographs while looking fondly on the editorials that either consciously or subconsciously borrowed from them.

Helmut Newton Private Property 1992
Newton lightens up an otherwise erotic look with a pair of over sized bunny ears.

Natalia Vodianova photographed by Alastair Mclellan for Russian Vogue
Vodianova looses the leotard but keeps the tights. Louis Vuitton's bendable bunny ears become her and leave us dreaming of the early 90's.

Richard Avedon Portrait of Sandra Bennet 1980
Avedon's haunting portraits from his series documenting the American West will forever be remembered as photography at it's very finest.

Peter Lindbergh Kate Moss 1994
Always one to make anything look chic, whether it be heroin or rural America, Kate Moss' overall clad portrait by Lindbergh is just about as recognizable as Avedon's one above.