Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008's Cast of Characters

Presenting the Cast from 2008, Starring:

Kirsten Dunst as The Comeback Kid
Battling depression is never a fun feat, not to mention when attempted in the public eye. After Kirsten Dunst owned up to having a bad case of the blues, the media frenzy that followed was nothing short of nasty. Paparazzi pettiness aside, KD bounced back and now appears brighter and better than ever. Whether she's dining at Cafe de Flores with David Lynch or partying pretty, Chanel style, Dunst has well and truly earned her esteemed Musette title. However don't expect to see this siren lighting up the big screen any time soon, Kiki's soul searching has lead her solely to the stage.

Marc Jacobs as The Undefeatable DesignerIn between holidays away with Kate Moss and co., wild costume parties and a hot and heavy romance, Marc jacobs still had time to produce some of the catwalk's most covetable looks. When he wasn't making our palms sweat with the plaid shirts and metallic skirts of his Spring 2009 collection he was offering up affordable yet super-chic staple items by way of Marc by Marc. In 2008, MJ was more unstoppable than ever. May he continue to spark our interest with his consistently surprising campaigns - a leggy Posh Spice, a boy dressed in woman's clothing and a bathing Ryan McGinley have all been ads prime for the history books.

Michelle Obama as Fashion's First LadyAll hail Michelle Obama, she's not only our next First Lady but a mother, wife and fashion pro. Michelle hit the campaign trail hard with inspirational words, an impeccable demeanor and the occasional Alaia belt. Musette gives Michelle snaps not only for her involvement in the Presidential race but for her skill in knowing what to wear and when to wear it. She effortlessly rocked a floral Thakoon shift at a rally and had the smarts to sport up-and-coming designer Jason Wu on the set of The Barbara Walters Show. Here's to many more Annie Liebowitz shoots, memorable speeches and fashion-forward statements to come, next stop: Inauguration Day!

James Franco as The New James Dean, (we really mean it this time.)It has been nothing short of a thrill to watch James Franco flourish in 2008. He played a wigged out stoner in Judd Apatow's Pinapple Express and Sean Penn's love interest in Milk, while giving his second talk show interview of all time, in which he totally shined. A star that was a long time in the making was fully born this year and the verdict is out - he's adorable, convincing and undeniably talented. Franco also made waves on the red carpet, keeping it simple, slick and gentlemanly. With the confirmation of a successful career ahead of him, Musette is proud to have been pro-James ever since day #1.

Lara Stone as The Model Citizen2008's top model knows a thing or two about working a new look. With a full body, lily-white skin and a gap-teethed grin, Lara Stone has paved the way for a new sort of beauty that is unique, unconventional and smoking hot. Lara's fierce expression has accompanied her down a multitude of runways while she also managed to keep her cool while mingling with monkeys, elephants and snakes in Africa for the wild shoot of the legendary Pirelli calender. This year may have been a fab one for Ms. Stone, but Musette feels when it comes to this mod, the best is yet to come.

May you reach for the stars this new year,
Love Musette x