Thursday, February 28, 2008

Musette Beauty File

While others go through their awkward years accompanied by braces, blemishes and a crippling lack of confidence, Brooke Shields managed to gracefully transition from Pretty Baby to Calvin Klein's leading lady in one bat of a perfectly curled eyelash. She was the eighties teen queen. With an iconic blockbuster under her belt and the country's leading fashion designer on her side, Brooke's overbearing mother and widely scrutinised virginity couldn't have been so bad, right? From the barely-there beach get-ups and unkempt ocean hair she donned in 1980's The Blue Lagoon, to her breathless claim that nothing gets between her and her Calvin's in the jeans campaign of the same year, teenage girls of the time had every reason to want to be Brooke Shields.Forget the early 80's, today girls continue to have reason to idolise Brooke's muse worthy charm. She was a vision of innocence and an arresting symbol of the time, so channel your inner Brooke Shields by growing out your eyebrows, getting out the hair curlers, and opting for super high-cut one piece swimsuits...Actually maybe some looks are best kept in the eighties.That being said, Musette will always love Brooke Shields.

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